10 Minutes of Apex Legends Cheaters

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  1. At 3:34, that winner wraith was probably traveling on her portal lol

  2. I hope we are in the matrix and one day I can unlock aimbot

  3. 1:15 that's how you octane ?

  4. I don't believe anything Dr disrespect says

    Especially with his ego

  5. Welcome to PC gaming

  6. hack still going on s3?

  7. Can't win with cheats if you have a Mozambique

  8. Psn Gun_Man_Joe_52 add me if your looking to grind ranked from gold up.

  9. how was the guy at 0:56 cheating?

  10. Don't want problems with hackers, buy a console.

  11. At 3:45 they thought he was cheating but they had lifeline and fasts heals XD. Also 4:39

  12. I hope all these cheaters get lukimeia

  13. Now I can say console is better than pc

  14. This is the reason I love my console

  15. Its always funny seeing overrated people get beaten in games and immediately call them cheaters?

  16. Anyone know the background song?

  17. 3:37 he could use Q but 🙁

  18. None of them are hacking they just have good gaming chairs

  19. why do you even play a game with cheats on? whats the point?

  20. Ya yeettt ha funny BRO.

  21. The ring ones are just people that have tons of heals and are hiding somewhere, spamming heals

  22. 5:50 clearly not cheating lmao missed so many shots

  23. Does cheating like this still happen on Apex? I play on xbox. I haven't seen anything like this

  24. Claims aimbot but so many missed shots. Sounds like an excuse every gamer every where makes when they lose.

  25. Sure glad the game isn't cross-platform.

  26. 3:44 I don’t understand this clip seeing as how they died to the ring

  27. What’s the music in the background,? It sounds familiar…

  28. Ok so I still can’t really tell if they’re cheating or not ??????

  29. Some of these were Lifeline heal offs. Unless of course these clips were from after the patch.

  30. 3:55 ive had this happen before in swamps

  31. People who cant play the game fairly

  32. The new octane buff looks great

  33. Play on pc they say, it will be fun they say.

  34. 3:38 he also could be alive because of an golden knockdown shield! That’s no cheating

  35. Welcome to PC land, where there is c h e a t e r s e v e r y w h e r e

  36. No they just have a good gaming chair.

  37. Filipinos get angry of the hackers

  38. So is the R301 the cheaters weapon of choice ???

  39. perfect recoil controol

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