10 Tips To INSTANTLY Improve Your Game In Apex Legends!

What should I do first in fights? How many grenades should I carry? Should I be hip firing more often? For New, Intermediate or Advanced players – there is something for everyone in this list! After 300+ Hours and making a ton of mistakes, I’ve put together a list of the 10 most instantly rewarding and game-changing tips and tricks to win more and enjoy my time in Apex Legends! Have something to add – hit me with a comment! If you found this valuable, leave a like to support the video!…


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  2. Got my first Winn last night

  3. Says reaload beging cover. Reloads and runs straight towards a guy and reloads

  4. The only real advice that will work is to find two good teammates. That's really all you need. Everything else will fall into place.

  5. how you gonna hit me with an intro that inspirational man…


  7. Im not good my highest kill game is only 8 ๐Ÿ™

  8. Never knew the numbers before with ads slow. Very good info and didn't really get off point. I liked this video from start to finish. Thanks

  9. Do you have a video on which guns work best with each legend? Could use that info and enjoy the way you teach. Get back to me thanks in advance

  10. i always needed a apex guid

  11. Bro great video! Glad i came across it! Very valueable info and deff gonna put it into practice! Keep it up! Thanks again

  12. Hip-fire… Didn't even know, didn't even know!

  13. watched this video and got a 4 kill game… hey, better than 1.

  14. Idk man, something about your vids is always makes me feel good man! Keep doing what youโ€™re doing my guy!!

  15. I always had a problem with movement in combat ๐Ÿ˜€

  16. If you have to choose between helping a knocked down Lifeline or someone else, choose Lifeline so she can immediately put out D.O.C. and help the other teammate faster.

  17. OldGamer, LegendGamer; NewGamer, BadPlayer

  18. The best intro Iโ€™ve ever seen

  19. "Drop your 25 shield cells"

    Laughs in playing pathfinder and stocking heal items for teammates

  20. I am playing on a pc and I never get this accurate while shooting… I see you hit again and again, while my hit rate is my biggest weakness ๐Ÿ™ How to aim would help me the best.

  21. All my black apex players like this and comment your gamer tag SlangChoppa9 add me family

  22. the flatline is so good with 2x. my tips

  23. I added a few of these very useful tips! But the one that has helped me improve from my bad habit, was hip firing! My left index finger has a rigamortis demon in it, where once engaged on L2 it remains there until I lose the fight…..which happens alot…
    Now that I've exorcised that demon and consistantly hip fire. My 1-2 kill average has gone up to 5 – 7 almost every match! Thank you sir for bringing common sense back in my life lol

  24. I always stock up on grenades, it's so funny fighting the final team watching them run arpund like ants cause I just dropped nox gas and 15 frags. ?

  25. Man you talk too fast. Also, I think it would help if your video resembled the tip that you're talking about.

  26. Thank you for bringing up the point about grenades, My teammates and other randoms constantly pick at me about carrying so many of them (even when they come in clutch at the end)

  27. I've played 25 matches nd I'm still looking for my 1st kill. I suck lol plus all i get is 15-20 fps. Other games like battlefield, cod works perfectly at higher fps. Idk whats wrong.

  28. hahaha I love the intro of this vid XD

  29. That nice introduction got you a like and a sub (with bell)

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