Armored Mewtwo Raid hours, counters, & 100% IV in Pokemon GO | DINNER HOURS NOT CONFIRMED

Get prepared for armored Mewtwo coming in to Pokemon go and raids from July 10th to 31st. Will we see Legendary dinner hours?
▪️Armored Mewtwo 100% iv
▪️Best counters
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  1. There’s a raid day on my birthday!!!

  2. 3779 0099 3768 add, lots of gifts sent back

  3. Why is it so hard to catch I beat two raid with him in it but I couldn’t catch it

  4. And the mewtwo with hat?? ?

  5. 1821 2276 those are the 100 ivs I had a 98 iv flee on me 🙁 it was 2272

  6. We can still get the shiny if we finish all 3 of the go events. Like last year when we got mewtwo

  7. I cant do any of them. I work. Why csnt they do the legendary lunch hour. Its bullshit

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  10. I have missed every raid except Giratina and dialga so I already know I will miss out on armored mewtwo

    Edit: YES I GOT INTO A RAID!!!
    Edit again: I couldn't catch it…
    Edit once again: OMG I GOT IT!!!

  11. Thank you for some advice

  12. He says ghost resists fighting and poison resist fighting so Gengar will have a 4x resistance to fighting. Shouldn't it have a 4x resistance anyway because ghost is immune to fighting?

  13. It’s good to catch the lower-IV ones, too, because you can save them for lucky trades and drastically boost the IV’s.


  15. Great mewtwo !!saiyens !!10 coming soon…my code friend 9524 5820 3934

  16. About how many people do you think you would need to take it down?

  17. What about FIRE because of the steel? FIRE pokémon should resist all its moves, ice- beam, thunderbolt, flamethrower, shadowball, psychic, hyperbeam, focusblast. FIRE type is the only one to its moves that's not weak to any of its attack besides the strength of its moves

  18. Taking advantage of the raid hours would be easier if they weren’t only on Wednesdays

  19. Not sure if I totally agree with gengar being a counter since he is also a poison type. He could get messed up just as hard if not harder than mewtwo in that match-up

  20. I wish I could battle in raids well no people are playing this game in my city so a dead game damn it and these research tasks are hard to complete when you don't have any friends

  21. I heard it wasn't gonna get a raid hour

  22. didnt mewtwos raid cp increase when it left the ex raids

  23. I really thought mewtwo was going to be steel/psychic

  24. It’s Mewtwo lol… out for everything

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  26. Man, give it Shadow Ball. It’s crap for just cosmetics.

  27. A good counter for a lot of new people is actually going to be Raikou since he can learn Shadow Ball now

  28. How his mewto has 3 atacks ?

  29. So we can only get it on three different days

  30. Yes, according to GO hub, they confirmed with Niantic that there will not be dinner raid hour on wednesday, pls confirm. thanks!!

  31. I do hope we can put it in Pokémon home

  32. Great video thanks good info

  33. Wonder if this will be in Pokémon sword and shield. Would make sense and there were rumors of armored mon.

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