"Call of Duty: Black Ops 1", full walkthrough on Hardened, Mission 13 – Rebirth

Infiltrate the Project Nova Research labs and capture Dr. Steiner.

Enemy Intel #1 – 03:30
Enemy Intel #2 – 09:40
Enemy Intel #3 – 16:34

Note: I have lowered the difficulty for this mission to Hardened, because of complicated episode with the vehicle on Veteran difficulty (it isn’t hard to complete the episode with checkpoints, but it was impossible for me to finish the mission on one breath as I like it and I don’t want to spend weeks on training to finish it without checkpoints).



  1. Why is the title hardened while the gameplay is veteran?

  2. best fking cod 🙁

  3. Call of duty was awesome ?

  4. Man, nostalgia…The dudes with the hard hats used to freak me out cause they looked like Zombies with yellow glowing eyes.

  5. ???????????⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  6. Black ops 1 and MW2 are the best games that ever made!

  7. Reznov was died, and he's soul is will always help and protect Mason

    PS: forgot to type it, my bad

  8. Mason was possessed by revnov

  9. Ed Harris nailed it in terms of voice acting ! Absolutely outstanding

  10. you cannot truely enjoy this game unless you play in the veteran mode. Just like battlefield playing on hard mode.

  11. Somebody knows what is the alarm sign sound type from 05:50?

  12. what is your graphics card name & model?


  14. Area 51 attack strategy.

  15. So Richtofen's viewmodel was a hazmat suit?

  16. I have completed the full campaign of COD BO I in veteran difficulty. Is anyone here to challenge me?

  17. Best. Mission. Ever.

  18. fkin reznov .. good old tricky vic

  19. mason was alone this whole time

  20. The nostalgic moments
    Are hitting me

  21. 8:08 they experimented on humans? Wtf

  22. I like how weaver just starts shooting after picking up his rifle at 26:33

  23. The drum mag and sound effects are amazing in this game.

  24. Okay bois, I finished the tank part on veteran finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. So did Mason not realize it was Hudson and Weaver??

  26. mason is also in call of duty b opps 2

  27. the peplo that are talking to mason is hes frineds the athers

  28. l beat the game its fun!!!!!!!!!

  29. This would be a perfect setting for a movie

  30. Whoa it means that Mason survived the whole facility alone

  31. Nowadays, you can walk to rebirth island. The Aral sea is gone

  32. This and vorkutta is my fav mission

  33. Hudson was badass in this game

  34. I like this mission because you get to control two characters at the same time Technically

  35. I do not understand. Reznov wanted to kill Steiner to revenge. But why was Mason also so eager to kill Steiner, even though he knew that the US army wanted Steiner for some reason? Is Reznov more important than the US army to Mason? Why did Mason act against the goal of his own country's army? Is this because Reznov brainwashed (or some other way like that) Mason?

  36. If you pause on Kravchenko’s info it says he was born in St. Petersburg, and if you pause on Reznov’s info it says Lenningrad, Lenningrad is St.Petersburg, it was renamed to that after the cold war, in 1994 I think.

  37. My favourite one is weaver he is a badass he is so awesome and his act is so cool with his eyepatch

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