I live farrrrrrr out into the country and it is literally Physically impossible to get highspeed unlimited internet. I literally dont even have a single piece of DLC for Pretty much All/Every Video game I own wether its mass effects 1,2&3 or all the call of duties. Including Call of duty zombies.

    I hate Online Requirement games, its one giant scam (to get acess to your data somehow?)

  2. Do you need ps plus/xbox live to play with other people please somebody respond

  3. And also you cannot do the Easter eggs in offline, bo4 sucks

  4. thanx I dont buy this online shit

  5. Bull shit I bought my ps4 and codbo4 was with packag and it's ruined my today weekend to wait for it to download and play cheaters

  6. Well once the game has the patch at least you could play The Zombies mode wait why are you all staring at me with so much hate in your eyes okay okay I am leaving just don't hate on me please

  7. I got a 87Gb Update !!!

  8. Same shit in black ops 3 in ps3 and 360

  9. Um mine took 3 hours to download

  10. I only freakin buyed the game with my roommate that is my friend and we work together at the same job so we shared the money to buy the game and we hooked up the game in our ps4 which had 2 dualshock controlers with it when we bought the ps4 and we couldn't play the game so we exchanged it for a used game which is a naruto game but we were ok with the naruto game and we were both fans of naruto

  11. i wanna play bo4. is there anyway to download the update offline?

  12. You can't do zomb easter eggs offline either that made me so pissed

  13. Rated M is worse then not having connection thanks

  14. YOU actually can play it without internet because YOU can play it with bots on multiplayer offline and zombie mode what is my favourite

  15. i tried it on xbox one and it said this you need internet and now all i can play is minecraft for me if you play it for a while it gets boring when you die

  16. Thank u my man keep preaching and never stop.✌✌✌✌??

  17. How Much gig is the update now??

  18. I'm still playing Black ops 2 on ps3 cause of this

  19. Dude Ik how ur feeling but shut the fuck up stop making videos about internet honestly just shut the fuck up

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