Call of Duty: Black Ops II – Cordis Die

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  1. I finish that fucking game in 6 hour this game is bull shit

  2. This if the aftermath of what would happen if Hillary Clinton was elected for president

  3. 1830’s “we’ll have flying cars in the future” 2025”We have trumps WALL

  4. Man this was the shit. My favorite mission just because of the amount of soldiers and cops they showed.

  5. If the president got in this situation the whole entire marines army and air force and May would be flying in with a lot of America to share.

  6. It's so damn beautiful games I wish they have call of duty terminator version too

  7. How can donllowd call if duty please share the link of this game

  8. 19:21
    What the hell is going on down there!?!?
    I was confused what was going on!

  9. Why are there police in a war?
    And how do those drones have millions of ammo in a small fuselage?

  10. Man I miss playing this game , it was so gooddddddd

  11. The last good COD video game, Ghosts and everything else after is so-so.

  12. Why always call of duty make president suffer in game

  13. Ahhh.
    The US constantly finding ways of making itself relevant on the international stage.

  14. Bo3 Could've been David Mason's son but no it was just shit

  15. i hope they make a real movie..

  16. The last good cod before everything went to shit!

  17. Wish I had a ps3 to play this game

  18. Wish I had a ps3 to play this game

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