Eaten by the Leviathan in Apex Legends!

Watch me try really hard to get eaten by a big fella. Pretty sure it must be a vegetarian. I actually get some kills in this video which is WILD. Also I don’t want to toot my own horn but this outro is SPICY.





  1. i feel like every time your playing apex, you are high

  2. Don't mind me just watching some old Toddykwest vids, hint hint TODD plz

  3. Lmao the outro song ???

  4. I need to know what song this is!

  5. What’s that cool outro

  6. Big crypto in apc lecgings

  7. Zylbrad: you killed him
    Todd. : he’s free from his life

  8. Never heard of you before. Funny vid! Subbed

  9. I dont usually like videos (¯_(ツ)_/¯) but I always find myself liking yours just for the outrows ???

  10. u know todd i always re-watch your video to get me in a good mood!

  11. Toddy should make a playlist of just apex outros

  12. 11:05 Brad is screaming and Toddy gently singing "since you been gone" Has me dying lol

  13. Dude. Never do commentary ever again on your videos. You're like a 4th rate professor Farnsworth and an even bigger faggot than elton john.

  14. That is the M O Y A I

  15. I love toddy keeps on saying apex leg end

  16. This is definitely my favorite outro song easy

  17. 17:38 Can this get released???

  18. Is it just me or is his voice amazing?

  19. Brad sent me here

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