Every PUBG Mobile Lite Player Must Watch This Video

Every PUBG Mobile Lite Player Must Watch This Video

i created a Creative video for showing how Pubg Mobile lite Has Become a Trash

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  1. Thats real all amo vs 1 vest thats hacker or glitch

  2. low damage is the worst thing in pubg mobile lite.

  3. You were killed by me last night, unfortunately ?

  4. I downloaded this game …there is a option of aim bot ….? lol i uninstalled that bawasir

  5. Bhai tomar pubg mobile lite ar profile number bolo

  6. I like how he just gives up on life

  7. Look at your ping stupid

  8. We need part 2 of this video

  9. Waste of time this game stupid… Me goin to live in cave forget the social life back to stone age… Fakkkkk

  10. are ye t mere saath v ho rha hai enemy ko jitna goli maaru martai nhi .. fix kaise karu

  11. Bro i am your Big fan please send me request this is my I'd Kanna Tammana

  12. Dont worry guys Tencent will fix it we just need to wait like 6+ months ?

  13. I aint coming back till a new update comes

  14. make video about your settings in pubg mobile lite

  15. When I was wondering on YouTube about pubg mobile lite I also saw guy name as PARA I KINGS who play really good=
    Plz guys support this guy

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