Finding Pokestops in Pokemon Go Using Ingress Intel Map

Pokemon Go Players! Do you wish there was a map somewhere showing all the Pokestops and Gyms in the game? Well, there is, via another game from the same company, Ingress. Sign up as an Ingress agent, and you’ll have access to a map you can use to find the places near you with the densest assortment of Pokestops and Gyms!


  1. so are they pockemon or pokemon? lol

  2. Agora eu estou no nível 20 e consegui completar a missão

  3. What are the tiny blue dots? New pokemons?

  4. If your other videos are about using ingress maps to find where to get rare Pokemon PLEASE don't post it.

  5. Unfortunately most of the disrespectful Pokemon go players have already figured this out, all they do is sign up just to get access to our map so they can play their game. They don't care that Ingress is valuable to other players.

  6. It's a really bad advice to tell people to sign up for Ingress just so that they can abuse Ingress intel map to see their god dammed stupid pokestops! Ingress Intel is slow enough as it is. We don't need any more pokemoners hammering servers. It's bad enough they already zerg areas so badly that Niantic is forced to remove Ingress portals!

    I subscribed to your channel because of your interesting Ingress content. But if this channel is turning into yet another pokemon outlet, I'm outta here.

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