*HACKER* GETS 352 KILLS SOLO..!! – NEW Apex Legends Funny Epic Moments #72

➥*HACKER* GETS 352 KILLS SOLO..!! – NEW Apex Legends Funny Epic Moments #72
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– WorthyJoker


  1. 2:40 um the triple take is a sniper

  2. I got pissed when this dude said the Triple Take was his favorite shotgun!!!!!

  3. Triple-take is officially a……. SHOTGUNNNNNNNN!

  4. Did you just call triple take shotgun

  5. I clicked this video bc I felt bad for the channel that it's dying so fast they have to make this up ? if you played apex even once you know there is 60 players

  6. did he say the tripletake a sniper and say its a shotgun im done

  7. Triple take = shotgun

    Mozambique= sniper

    Obvious logic

  8. I love the triple take it is one of my favorite shotgun! Triple Take≠Shotgun

  9. Triple take is your fAvRiTe ShOtGuN ????????? WtF

  10. 2:42 shotgun? Isnt that gun a sniper rifle??

  11. lier the thumb nail needs to be right

  12. That triple take wasnt a hacker

  13. Every good player isn't a hacker or using aimbot

  14. Funny he calls the triple take a shotgun

  15. I do love the triple take it's one of my favorite shotguns

  16. I laughed so hard when I saw lifeline in full tryhard mode??

  17. 2:43 triple take is a shotgun???

  18. Did this kid just call the triple take a shotgun

  19. This is why I don't play on PC

  20. That’s just shroud on his alt account what you mean

  21. 352 kills huh.
    That's interesting there is only 60 people in one lobby -_-

  22. gEtS 352 kIlLs

    There is 60 players in match lads

  23. i love the triple take shotgun ( not sniper)

  24. In my smurf account i am in the level 35 with 415 kills, twenty kills and 4k damage badges

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