How to Play PUBG Mobile On PC! Official Tencent PUBG Mobile Emulator

In the video I said it was running DDR4 but this is one on my older machines with DDR3 1600mhz ram.
Pc specs specs:
8GB DDR3 not DDR4
I3 4170 with built in intel HD 4400 graphics.

In this video I show you how easily and quickly start playing PUBG Mobile on a Windows PC, Desktop Or Laptop using TenCents Official Android Emulator called Tencent Gaming Buddy

Download The Gaming Buddy Here:


  1. In the video I said it was running DDR4 but this is one on my older machines using DDR3 1600mhz

  2. can i team with my friend who is on a phone?
    can someone plz let me know?

  3. 3 gb of ram
    laughing with my 16 gb of ram

  4. How big is the download size of pubg in gaming buddy

  5. Hey! I have a problem, i cant connekt to any servers. Its telling me to chance wifi ore internett cuz of error code…

  6. does intel uhd graphics good for this

  7. Does the emulator notice show up when you use a different android emulator that's not the tencent buddy one?

  8. can you play with your friend who is using a phone?

  9. Damm i am surprised ur sistem could run that well wow

  10. i have an issue . i lost the contol of mouse. whwen game is start i have control,but i lost after some time. what can i do?

  11. At last a Video in English! I'm just bored of those Indian videos 🙁

  12. Its not startring it only says starrt pubg mobile

  13. Wth it always turning off

  14. can i play it with potato pc ?

  15. Tell controls of keyboard

  16. What if i want to use an emulator, but sign into it via my game center (iphone)

  17. can we play on pc with mobile users

  18. I've core i7 dell 10 GB ram. my question is Why PUBG loading lagging so much. network is fine

  19. So pubg players on PC play vs emulated players who has for example … LESS RECOIL?
    FUCKING. GREAT. I want my money back

  20. Can we team here if our friends are using mobile?

  21. Can we play with players not using emulator???

  22. I'm doing this cuz I don't wanna pay $30 for the pc version although I have an rtx2060, i7 8700 and 16gb ddr4 XD

  23. How to first person mode?

  24. gtx 1050 4gb i7 8750H 8gb 2666mhz, will I run this 60fps?

  25. can you add mobile players?

  26. Can I play with my pubg mobile account?

  27. Can i disable emulator

  28. is it possible to adjust in-game mouse sensitivity?

  29. who pakistani players play PUBG game?

  30. this game from pakistan

  31. oh its a good game iam from pakistan i like this game

  32. Can i play with amd radeon 530 2gb,i3 7th generation and 8gb ram ddr4

  33. i cant scope crouch and jump

  34. How to be accused of hacking with five easy steps!

  35. Sir My Leptop core i3
    4Gb Ram and Window 7
    But Not Run the Game …Please Give me solution …!

  36. i can not play it. it starts and after second loading screen it shuts down help

  37. Tanks you for help!

  38. It says I need to install the google installer, to sign in with Twitter, but never downloads..

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