Install PUBG HACK On iPhone – Latest Version

In this video i’m going to show you how to install PUBG hack on iphone with ios 9, ios 10, ios 11 and ios 12.

Warning!!! You May Get Ban, Use It At Your Own Risk.

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  1. Listen here haters he may be bad but the video is for (ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY) I’m not promoting this situation but he may have never played this game I’m gonna get a lot of hate for this comment but he is only trying to make a video for you to enjoy…

  2. Abe mc kuch to hack nahi hu aa

  3. Everyone that tryed it is banned rn hahaha

  4. No high jump and this app is not free are you kidding me right now

  5. Bsdk kuch bhi Dikha raha hai

  6. Tutu app doesn’t work for free now ??2019

  7. You sucks it not entertainment your video is bad

  8. Bhai i phone 5 ma kese chalau

  9. Now I know why pubg is messed up

  10. Nique ta mère c nul !!!

  11. Mir like hot to be a bitch ass hacker

  12. Nerver mind. I don’t TRust this world anymore =))

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