iOS: How to Spoof Pokemon Go – Easy and Free!!!

Here’s a super easy and free way to get started spoofing Pokemon Go on iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) for free using iSpoofer!

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  1. Hail satan? Ha you only have 3k subscribers you must just be his pet you should repent before it's too late.

  2. It does not show trust the Thing what can i do

  3. It doesnt work anymore

  4. Thank you soooooooo much you are the best

  5. Does it work with iPhone 5;

  6. I cant download it 🙁

  7. There’s no link or anything to click ?

  8. There is no ispoofer for pogo anymore

  9. Every time I play, about every 30 seconds to a minute my game crashes how do I fix it?

  10. It said it works on iPod touch, but I don’t see the device management part. Do you know an alternative I can use that’s compatible?

  11. Thank
    You so much you’re a god

  12. Is there any spoofer for android device bro

  13. Can anyone share their license key please?

  14. Does it cost money and also does it still work?

  15. Does this still work?

  16. Last 28 August pokemon was updated and can’t use the POGO anymore ☹️ @banproof

  17. Doesn’t work at the moment for me, doesn’t let me trust the app and it just sits they’re, whenever I tap the Spoofer it doesn’t do anything

  18. Can you delete it after you download it

  19. theres only option for pc

  20. Downloads as “iSpoofer for POGO” but when I click it, it says “Unable to install “iSpoofer for POGO” please try again later.

    I deleted the original Pokemon go before doing this and have tried deleting the iSpoofer and reinstalling

  21. Ooh you have to delete the real one! Well no one told me that and I spent all evening retrying to download!!! Thank you so much!!!

  22. Does it work in iOS 10?

  23. it aint working anymore no option for POGO just pc

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