1. DBS looks like the KSG

  2. I feel s12k is far better than this gun? s12k best for short range

  3. It probably meant 10 meters not 100

  4. Pubg corp: Its deals the maximum damage within the range of 100m
    Jacky: Okay let's find out
    Exited reader: Let's find that one out
    Then there you are waiting at the lobby to connect to next game

  5. This weapon is sou good but is very danger


  7. Uaz was like: iNsTaNt KaRmA

  8. In reality the DP- 12 carry 16 round but in PUBG the dps carry 14 rounds close enough I could say. At least they the damage correct

  9. Oh shit i thought the new thing was an AA-12/USAS-12 with FRAG-12 shells..

  10. Damn it I was hoping for an airdrop SMG (MP7 or P90) and they give us that shit? I’d honestly even prefer an actual RPG or Grenade Launcher. Why would I risk my life at an airdrop for a glorified S12k…

  11. It's a shotgun. It uses gauges

  12. All I can hear is the hl2 reload sound

  13. i cant even get playable frames on very low with a 1660 ti, but lets add more guns

  14. It's the DP-12 Shotgun which can fire 2 shots at a time before pumping it.

  15. Shotguns are really for close range. This will be good in CQB

  16. Quando vão por a DSR e SVD snipers ?

  17. I dont know man..that voice creeps me out

  18. We need different DMR'S more in airdrop

  19. Sorry my inglish! Im not american.
    This is very good cs i heard a lot of players say that those Guns where the worst of the game,i agree but they're paying atention to this what is very grateful

  20. I just wish someone can sponsor me a pc gaming or laptop gaming?

  21. Jackhammer is only shotgun deserved to airdrop.

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