PUBG Hacker AIMBOTS EVERYONE and Gets Banned

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  1. The crazy thing is the people that buy these cheats are unknowingly putting viruses on their computers that steal personal information. Not worth it!

  2. You will find more of these cheaters in pubgm

  3. I think he's pro not hacker :/

  4. The best explanation of cheaters I have ever seen ur my second favorite YouTuber teo is my fav sorry lol have a good night man ur awesome

  5. Crazy thing is why do they make it obvious

  6. I bet the hacker was asian

  7. Got to cut on that visual check for aimbot

  8. Ran into about 5 cheaters last night. 2 were on my random squad fill. Watched em for a bit then reported em. It’s getting out of control, especially for how low the number of players there are on na during late night.

  9. No recoil, walls, and aimbot.

  10. thats why i stopped playing games like this….

  11. All hackers in games were really trash…

  12. Exactly, people work a D don't have time. I just want to enjoy couple of games in the evening to relax and end up getting mad because of 3km away no scopes or people who know where you are oouttanowhere and always manage to kill you even if you have been shooting at their head for 5 seconds, they just fire couple of rounds and drop you dead.

  13. Players who cheat are jus noobs trying to ve heros. Do u agree?

  14. Someones been offended by this video..Ahahaha

  15. If you're suck at a game, people call you a noob. If you you're genuinely a pro, people call you a cheater…

    What a society we live in…

  16. I’ll never understand the logic behind these people

  17. I play on Xbox and I have encountered dirtbags like this on many occasions but the report feature only lists like 5 things to report and hacking isn't one of them.

  18. You sound like Skeppy's enemy.

  19. 5:16 wow didn't get injured of that shot

  20. I don't get it Lol

  21. Yesterday I watched a hacker kill another hacker in spectate mode

  22. They don't bann shroud he uses hack(aimbot)

  23. Don't ban them, just let them think they got away with it, but make it so that all their guns are automatically nerfed, or they pop up on everyone's radar

  24. Love it dude, wish I could play pub again

  25. If this is just another cycle of evaluation let it be… honest players will learn to fight hackers or cheaters

  26. We knew he was cheating by the absence of recoil, that's all the evidence that's needed

  27. What's the point in that cheat.

  28. Wtf …..u dam loser. .Aimbot says I stink n I refuse to get better

  29. Ty4content. Gotta love the replay opponents game. To cool.

  30. I knew this guy from CSGO who was aimbotting and wh-ing, after some time when he gave it up once I had the chance to ask why he was cheating?

    He said he was so bad at the game didnt give him fun at all, but when he killed everyone it became so much fun.

    I dont know, if I know i am winning because i have advantage, i just dont enjoy the game anymore.
    …but there are people out there who wants to win no matter at what cost, and they do. But you know what? Everything has a price. To learn to lose proudly is one of the biggest thing i know about, and those who cheat will never learn…

  31. Small dick virgins use hacks

  32. Subscribe to me please ,i just created this channel ,,, i'll do gameplay on FPS pubg and zombie games ,,

  33. I can't understand cheaters like how can you enjoying play video games when there is no competition

  34. The only problem i have with callin on cheaters is alot of people just think they were killed by a cheater when in reality it was just a better player or got lucky like that u can spectate tho like this guy u can tell 100% hes cheating

  35. gets add for item tracker hack called bigfoot before video starts….. facepalm.

  36. Why did you stop playing PUBG…………

  37. Bots also use wall hack??

  38. Y don't the developers do something about hacking in pubg????? Can't they programme something to stop players immediately when cheats are activated????

  39. I'd love to see losers like this lick AND suck both my left and right hairy nut, as well as the whole burrito if you catch my drift. Punks like this shouldn't be banned only, oh no, they should have it be made to be completely and totally illegal for them to touch ANYTHING video game related.

  40. They just need to put something in videogame files that if you try to hack anything at all it should instantly fry the electronic you are using!!! Let's make that happen I bet no one will hack lmao

  41. Its like you say, some people have so little time to enjoy the time due to life, i just dont understand that in 2019 that cheats can go undetected for so long time, so little of my reports lead to bans, and the lock on target and recoil control on these "players" is just crazy, you dont even see wackyjacky, drdisrespect, shroud or you do this! Its so sad that people totaly ruin the experience for everyone, even thou im just a noob i still prefer to get killed by a better player then a cheater =(

  42. Do you play on console? By any chance?

  43. 1k hackers unliked this video??

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