Snorlax Deep Dive In Pokemon Go (How Good Is It?)

Snorlax Deep Dive In Pokemon Go (How Good Is It?)
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  1. thank you for the consecutive updates. your channel is amazing.

  2. How do you check pokemon ranks

  3. Love your videos! Btw, what does FLW mean?

  4. I have about 15 body slam snorlax

  5. Me and couple of my friends level 33 got 2950cp snorlax

  6. I get 20snorlax each day

  7. Why do that? Just have them jump into the lobby.

  8. Snorlax the perfect pokemon to practice throwing curves at. I got me a few just to hold gym's. I called them Fat Boys after the 80's rap band.
    A video the best way to defeat them would be nice. Since we know most gyms are going to have them now.

  9. Easy budget gym defender with the event. Plus trading them for a lucky is fun!

  10. When you use a TM changer, how do you know what attack it's going to change to?

  11. Where are all the dentists when needed

  12. Lower lvl players should focus on the gift system .. plenty of revives and potions come from there! Have 100+ friends, send gifts and open more each day!

  13. Got a ? I’ve snorlax I’m level 30 I am going to power it up I also got a ? chancey

  14. Just reached lvl 40 today ??? also keep up the great work!

  15. Dude, that's a great strategy for low level trainers! Good lookin out ?

  16. Yaaaaaaay Snorlax! Love seeing them in the wild.

  17. got a 100% IV from the early days caught in the wild with Body Slam, always in gyms before an Ex-Raid starts

  18. What happened at 4:32 lol the noobs cannot simply..wha?

  19. I had about 30 of them ?

  20. With the gym system that we have nowadays, having a Pokémon in your storage just for gym defence is pretty useless. The only thing where Snorlax is useful is when we are using it in great league pvp. That's because mons that have higher defensive capabilities always function better in great league pvp.
    Although I really like Snorlax from anime and this event gave me a chance to catch it so I'm happy. ?

  21. If you don’t have enough revives you’re definitely a noob

  22. Got a 2813 max cp snorlax im level 29

  23. I caught a 98% snorlax and gave it a second charge move.

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