so I played in a HACKED Black Ops 4 Lobby and my PS4 controller… (NEW BO4 ICR-7 Best Class Setup)

In this video, I use the COD BO4 ICR-7 and end up dropping a nuclear in Call of Duty Black Ops 4. I use my bo4 controller settings to the max and just body everyone in my way. The BO4 ICR MKII is a blessed weapon. The BO4 ICR-7 MKII is Overpowered with BO4 ICR-7 Best Class Setup. The Black Ops 4 ICR-7 MKII is good in the right hands and in this video is the BO4 Best Feed you will ever see you might think I have Black ops 4 Hacks. This is my BO4 ICR-7 Best Class Setup, hope you enjoyed! I…


  1. This video was all over the place xD hope you enjoyed! See you later tonight for the stream 😀 I love you all!

  2. Sooooooo miss chem resets her stats after u unlock lvl 1000 for her??????

  3. Get me a nuke I’m on xbox

  4. I watched an Ad for u praise me ?jk

  5. the intro clip is the dream spawntrap lol

  6. That wasn't a Hacked Lobby I've been in lobbies like that and after a short time I was able to move it's just a glitch that still hasn't been fixed

  7. U actually meet kor3ayn

  8. All of you forcing him to leave. That's toxic. You need the content and attention that bad?

  9. Imagine hacking a lobby to get a medal lul

  10. Your insane hero new k3 2.0

    this man Hero ???

  12. RPG go crazy, never seen a lobby like that ever ? #100KOneDay

  13. Rule #1: Run flak jacket!
    And I'm pretty sure that wasn't a hacked lobby, more like a traditional 3arc lobby?

  14. The start is so funny ?

  15. Doubt it was a hacked lobby. Bo4 is full of bugs. Otherwise the other people would have been frozen as well (on your team).

  16. It's a glitch not hacked it happens to me

  17. Facecam is a great addition man. Digging that fire afro! Wish i had hair like you! That happened to me ages ago(on the ps4), like 3 or 4 months ago where I'd spawn in and the screen would look hazy and my guy would be locked in place.

  18. The lobby was most likley was lacked, but can also be like a really big glitch. Last time I was in a hacked lobby was back in COD:WaW.

  19. Chem was right for the first time ??

  20. It's been a big for a while happened to me like 6 times

  21. Poor kid asking him to leave

    I enjoyed it had me laughing so loud ?

  22. Yes! Finely home! Now to sit back and enjoy the amazing content!?

  23. Nice vid! You defo need to rematch Korean and beat him but if that doesn’t happen you already know what you can try to attempt?

  24. Hero going off like the BIG BALLER HE IS ❤️

  25. K3 out here using rockets in HC lol

  26. I've never seen a hacked lobby on bo4 ONCE.

  27. Na not a hack just the game being broken

  28. I wish i can run flak jacket if gear never came to cod, or better just for them to add maybe 2 class points

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