Top 13 Best Advanced Pro Tips and Tricks PUBG LITE (PC)

Pubg Lite Top 13 Best Advanced Tips & Tricks.
Hope it Helps.

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  1. u r not as pro as i expected.. but the tips are really great… nice man..

  2. bro how can u get m416 green color like skin ??
    plz tell me
    by the way u are amazing……..

  3. Bro mere speakers me enhancement ka option nahi hai aur advanced me agar mai audio 96000Hz par rakhta hu to awaz aur kam ho jati hai(footsteps)
    koi solution bata do bhai…

  4. tips for 130ping and 15% pkt loss ;(???

  5. Can you make a video that how to reduce ping And how to fix ping issue in pubg lite PC

  6. Tip:

    Do not hold a grenade in a car.

    Just please stop.

  7. Tip:

    When on Sanhok map, always carry a M416 rifle because it has a low recoil and you can attach many attachments that can make your rifle deadlier

  8. Earned a sub bro….?…lets play someday together

  9. Grafix video ek banao na new pubg pc player ko because all are defeld

  10. great video bro , can you tell me what are your graphics settings ?

  11. ghost, pls tell ur name , I want to play with you

  12. You can customize your throwables, for grenade i press 5 and for smoke 6. Simple

  13. But but but u r doing fpp this has huge disadvantage on covering ur body and peeking enemy at the same time sed life play tpp then give us suggestions

  14. 3:45 the reason I have to watch again again ? btw can you tell your graphics setting plzz sir

  15. For me is op dmr is slr but sks is not bad

  16. Bro I'm following you in pubg pc lite MY ID : GamersNephew
    Pls follow me

  17. Watch ghost
    Open pubg lite
    Land on bootcamp

  18. Great vid bro, those recoil tips are very useful , good to see u leaving MC5 and stick on PUBG btwn im ur very old sub 😀

  19. Since the update my game has been always stuck on the loading screen idk why

  20. ok so you make pubg content but your YT profile looks like a fortnite skin lol I'm confused??

  21. Pubg pc lite today update

  22. Is the global beta out yet

  23. Plz upload more these kind of vids and fuck pubg mobile

  24. Record how to change crosshair

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