TOP 4 UNKNOWN Places to Land for LOOT and EASY WINS (Fortnite Battle Royale) | Tips and Tricks

Welcome to the best 4 unknown places to land to get EASY WINS in Fortnite Battle Royale! In these trips and tricks, follow these paths correctly and end up with plenty of kills and loot!

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  1. I remember watching this when I didn't know how to play the game

  2. You guys don’t know the half of it….

  3. Whos watching in late season 10?

  4. I remember the days when if someone had that first win umbrella you’d be watching out for them thinking they were pros ?

  5. Pleasant is my favorite!

  6. i started playing in season 4 but this video still gives me the nostalgia

  7. Mannn , fortnite was so good back then .. such a good feeling and vibe .. Epic destroyed their game

  8. Looking back I don’t know how I played fortnite without the reboot vans

  9. omg u only had 32k at the time ? the growth youve had since then

  10. This makes me want to cry.

  11. The ocean beat loot here you should go you might even find bleack

  12. Got four gold scar in a house yeah

    Love to land at loot lake!

  14. I'm from the future. Mech… Kills… Fortnite

  15. I miss season 2, when the game was fun and not full of tryhards. I think I’ve watched this video like 7 times wishing it would come back

  16. I literally play in fatal fields every game

  17. We've come a long way chat…

  18. Why does music sound so sad in the beginning I almost cried lol ?

  19. He was at 32K subs?? He’s about to reach 1M now

  20. ”Unknown places”

    Has 6,000,000 views

  21. What I found a orange chest

  22. Man I miss the old fortnite ??

  23. this is one of the first videos i ever watched of fortnite i remember watching it vividly and then finding a gold scar the next game at one of the spots

  24. My favourite landing spot is Mosty Palms
    Love the vids

  25. Anyone watchin in season 10
    The game was so fun back then?

  26. I rember looking this up and watching this vid right when it came out

  27. When i first started playing fortnite i didn't know where to loot so i went to this video and i always use the route of fatal fields and now fatal fields is my favorite place to land

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