Top 5 Rock Type Pokemon To Focus On During Adventure Week In Pokemon Go!

Top 5 Rock Type Pokemon To Focus On During Adventure Week In Pokemon Go!
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  1. Hi yes rampardos is the best that is all

  2. Keep up the great work man

  3. Idk why but you always seem angry and serious in your videos?

  4. Is it Tuesday to Tuesday for the 50km?

  5. I like how I'm a person who doesn't care, too much, about having strong Pokemon. I just care about completing the pokedex. All in all good video

  6. I am hating the fact that all the Cranidos are only level 15 and I am not hatching any or seeing Cranidos in the wild. I have a 100 IV and a 98 IV Larvitar and am stuck with what I should do with them.

  7. Just discovered your channel and I love it ! I love you dont assume we are all level 40 and with 1 million stardust haha

  8. Im so happy! I got Cranidos 100% IV 780 CP

  9. Why sit on 1 mil stardust are you saving for something

  10. this guy looks like telling how his virginity lost??

  11. that's why i like your video ???

  12. You should of also talked about how good Rhydon is really good for early-mid game players. Fairly often that a Rhyorn is caught with high CP it if you’re sitting around level 25, and there a huge spike for when you evolve him, especially when it’s only 25 candies to evolve him. If I was early game I’d take HUGE advantage of this.
    But regardless I love your videos man. Good up the great work.

  13. Short and sweet Thank you

  14. I think Donphan is also a fairly viable ground type option now that it can learn Mud Slap. Not gonna lie, while I'm excited to hopefully get my hands on some more Shieldon and Cranidos, above all I'm just hoping for that shiny Onix!

  15. 93% 12-15-15 is the best one for PvP

  16. where can i see that global ranking of best pkemon that he shows :O

  17. Yup, I am doing exactly what you did: worked with a lucky friend to get a high IV Bastiodon and I'm going to max it out.   Hope to get a bunch of candy this week for it.  50K to walk!

  18. You should've zoomed in on your face when you said Tyranitar is the best dark type attacker for all those dummies that commented in the other video.

  19. I have a 1499 CP golem is that good for Great league or is it a weak pokemon

  20. Hey everyone I need new friends in POGO I’m great at sending gifts ! HMU I’m DrewzyMoon 2937 5278 3096

  21. Hey, have you ever tried creating a Labelling system for identifying your pokemon quickly? I created one, let me know what you think about it.

  22. Awesome, now I know what to use my second 100% Rhydon for!

  23. Is Gible involved in the event?

  24. I'm pumped for this event esp. For onix. But I'm really ready for slaking on community day. I want my shiny sloth gorilla plz.

  25. I've been watching these videos for over a year now. It's bugging the shit out of me now it hasn't come up anywhere. What does FLW stand for???

  26. Ho-oh is the way to go.

  27. Where do you get the stats from?

  28. When does the event start?

  29. Why didn’t they bring shiny rampardos

  30. I lack dark types, so my focus will be Tyranitar! I Have two Tyranitar with dark moveset and that's about it, so I'm definitely excited to (hopefully) get some good dark tyranitars!

  31. I finally got my max Rampados

  32. Why do the stats he say not match With numbers he says? Rhyperior was 20th but he said 10th…

  33. "Golem is WELL ROUNDED"
    LOL thats literarily what he is

  34. love the event because it's literally partly cloudy all the time here

  35. What's the difference between defense and stamina?

  36. i'm hoping crainados will be a raid boss for this event

  37. rampardos is my main emphasize for the event based on it being the best rock dps attacker the other 4 mentioned only to obtain a 96% or higher I use to utilize tyranitar for dark damage till weavile was released as the top dark dps attacker

  38. I've got 8 maxed out tyranitar and 3 at level 35

  39. Rampardos atm. If I get good larvitar, I'll keep them in the Hope's I can get smackdown at the end of the year. Already have more than enough bitey ttars, which I love.

  40. I'm so exited for this event, finally I'll be able to get my pokedex Rampardos ? & also some spicy shines ??

  41. 6302 8026 9296 daily gifts from the uk 🙂

  42. I'm Definitely focusing on getting more maxed out Rampardos, they are absolute beasts in Raids and gym takedowns with that attack stat.

  43. So here's the strategy : catch cranidos as many as possible to fill my rock-type team, and catch larvitar as many as possible to fill my dark-type team. Well done.

  44. Hit me like a tidal wave

  45. Well this sucks. Just found out that next week Sunday there's going to be a planned power outage, maintenance on the power lines. So I'm going to lose out on most of the day. So, the community day event might fall out, as well as the adventure week, at least that day. So the 50 km will probably be gone.
    Side note, anyone who's friends with 1Doctor1Who, I'm sorry if you guys won't receive a gift for 1 or 2 days.

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