When a gamer loves Fortnite but his mom loves Apex Legends

When a gamer loves Fortnite but his mom loves Apex Legends

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  1. Imagine if your mom starts playing games like this 😉

  2. RIP Fortnite.
    Press F in comment to pay respects for the game.

  3. apex beats fortnites map now because it no longer has one

  4. Apex can be excused for a lot of this since it hasn't been out for long

  5. Fortnite is better yaaaaaaaaaaa?????

  6. Sorry I meant to say fortnite

  7. Honestly by the time this comment goes up Fort note will be over and it is

  8. 0:53 The only time I ever saw that face without the sound effect

  9. Fortnite is end not have fortnite forever???

  10. diehard fan of fortnite
    the day fortnite dies I'll sucide

  11. apex and fornite is best game that 2 same we won his gameplay is best to play right


  13. For me Fortnite was nice, but apex appeared and he was winning the war….and gaynite copied and pasted all the Game, respawn beacons, weapons, modes (well, just the trio mode. And after that, i hated kidsnite (no offense) with my life

  14. Apex legends is better

  15. Fortnite got beat by minecraft.

  16. i like fortnite apex legends and warface
    and minecraft and pubg

  17. I play both, like if you play both

  18. these videos arent even funny

  19. Fortnite : Hey Im Better Then you apex legends

    Apex Legends : I Have special Abilitties >:D

    thats cheating apex legends

  20. both sucks pubg is better

  21. Pubg is the best game.Pubg fans like here and jai Pubg winner winner chicken dinner????????

  22. both game sucks PUBG is real game???

  23. Then it will be awesome coz when my mom will play games then i can play games anytime also i like both games Fortnite and Apex Legend
    Fortnite: Apex Legend is Cancer
    Apex Legend: No Fortnite is best

  24. I like it my mum plays games she will by me apex coins

  25. Apex I better fuck Fortnite and pugb

  26. Who like ROBLIX LIKE

  27. Why no chair infront of the pc

  28. Ben:For me,Roblox is the best
    Me:I love Roblox too bro

  29. Have you seen the season 3 map!

  30. Both apex and fornite sucks and we can all agree that mine craft is best ??????

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