This is my summary of 127 hours playing apex legends.
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  1. Thanks for 700k subscribers, you are awesome! I hope you enjoy this apex video, I had a lot of fun playing this game. This doesn't mean I will stop making PUBG videos.
    I will continue making videos of pubg and apex!
    Edit1: wtf guys, 800k subscribers in a few days! Thank you!! <3

    Edit2: Hi guys, I got a false copyright claim in this video for a song I didn't even use. Because of this I am going to upload another apex video in this month but this time shorter.

  2. Awesome video, really enjoyed watching. Come check my channel out for some apex gameplay bro. Lots of sweet kills to share with you! ???

  3. Добрый день. Напишите название этой игры пожалуйста!

  4. 4:50 вспомнил


  5. 3:41 did he just shoot his own decoy!? Hahahaha

  6. Guys. Can u please tell me the name of this voice? I really want to know it. 4:42

  7. In my opinion a great way to have Apex coins gsix.store/go/APEX?52j always seems to work for me

  8. Plzz the background music

  9. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  10. There is gonna be a big giveaway on my channel once I hit 100 subs ??come check it out and drop a sub

  11. Heres to the man who shot his own decoy

  12. name of the song please ||||??

  13. That background music @ 4:40 is from ?can anyone say,thanks.

  14. I need background music Please 0:17 :'(

  15. I want the music title now

  16. 0:49 ballon boy sound Lol?

  17. 8bitryan liked this!

  18. What Is the song on the 0:10

  19. i need some support making the transition to apex videos, if you like apex meme montages like this, then you’ll like me. a like is appreciated

  20. hes playing streched =)))))4

  21. The ceeday of apex

  22. what editing software did you use?

  23. What is music
    I will give u 1 like paluluman

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