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Ready for battle and eager for a fight, the Helios 300 drops you into the game with everything you need.




  1. Well boi, if he was 25, well the mag was really saying it

  2. No shroud I play Pathfinder as a main and I play 10 times better, his movement is garbage also just look at his grapples they are sooo bad

  3. а срешь ты тоже за компом ? кресло дырой и ведром ?

  4. hacker in team fortress 0_0

  5. Just saying that people who code cheats do get in trouble as it is a crime depending on the game and how know the coder is they may never get caught

  6. He just cheats cus hes trash

  7. It is a crime. It’s in terms and conditions.

  8. That was a dollar sign

  9. Shroud make a intro of your video

  10. How is he talking to him? I thought you could only communicate with your teammates.

  11. 3:34 omg can he stop moving so much its making me seasick. Like, gosh I was about to have a seizure.

  12. Ur right I know someone and he is rlly good at the game and doesn’t need cheats

  13. shroud dont play apex that is really terrible

  14. When u aren't a streamer and ur a wraith main R.I.P

  15. Ban these mofos for life

  16. At the start I thought you were the hacker

  17. 25 yo cheater, wow dude you're pathetic. I'd leave too.

  18. Cheating and/or "hacking" (using hacks) is definitely illegal shroud…

  19. それなwなんで上手いのにチート使うかなw

  20. u know ur trash when shroud puts more thought into gaming then u do into living

  21. The enemy use cheat, and I'm so hate this to know.

  22. Shroud uses aimbot (wrong)

    Aimbot uses shroud (correct)

  23. How does he communicate with him while spectating ?

  24. I don't know why game companies dont hire gamers that play the game 24/7 and insta ban people that are cheating.. isn't that fast and accurate?

  25. There are a couple things i think should be added to the game. I think it’s way too difficult to get good things from packs, so you should get one every level or there should be a scrapping system where you can scrap for crafting medals. Once you get like level 70, you get packs every 5 levels which is ridiculous. I get that the game is free so they have to have some way to make money, but at that point you’re already spending too much, and for people who can’t spend money it just isn’t fair.

  26. the guy was making the dollar sign

  27. I also heard that these guys do this on new accounts to max them out and sell

  28. Other Streamers : A hacker! Report him!
    Shroud : A hacker! interviews him

  29. I like how shroud isn't even mad at the cheater, he just finds it entertaining.

  30. When someone is better than shroud it’s “cheating” lmao come on man just face the fact people are better than you sometimes

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