Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Unboxing (Hardened Edition for PS3)

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Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Unboxing (Hardened Edition for PS3)





  1. Sand her I play black ops 2 and gta 4 too hut bout to get gta 5 tho

  2. Add me on psn : aaron22963, i play black ops 2 and gta 4

  3. everyone , you can get it for 80 usd on amazon

  4. I have 20 of the pox

  5. wow people who what for a cod games

  6. Bullshit, my friend got the hardend editon 10nov! altso in norway ;P

  7. Osom man but your in a rush.

  8. Play zombies it's so cool my friend brot it at my hours I played it it was so cool

  9. Lucky you you make me cry

  10. I love the un boxing guys please help my channel out

  11. There are two codes, one in ps3 box (Nuketown 2025 maps etc) and one on coins (DLC online content) :).

  12. God damn it he almost Scratched MW3 AND BLACK OPS 2!!

  13. the codes are engraved on the coins!!!!!

  14. yeah copy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Well that would have been illegal :). Did you play multiplayer?

  16. Lol!,Thanks for the reply.

  17. Do you get extra maps like the WAW zombie ones in BO1 ?

  18. Well first to get it legally hahah :D:D

  19. no you're not the first, the first people who have the copy are in saudi arabia
    i'm just saying !!

  20. its not hardened addition its edition lol!!!!!!

  21. @runey5 Chill out man, i was kidding around when i said fuck you. But sorry my main language is French and i didn't understood the part he said that. Damn

  22. he get hyper? damn he got speed hack opening it

  23. (◕‿◕) we have the same Keyboard.

  24. @keithboy112 Agh sorry didn't knew that… but it's still unfair that the UK got it a week before :/

  25. xD fuck you haha i gotta wait for the actual release date TOMORROW to get it xD… Damn Australia and UK, they should keep the games in the shop and wait til' the 13th before letting them to people, i mean that's unfair :/

  26. lol jk i think its supposed to be beter than the others but im not a fan of cod :/


  28. Happy bday. My bday is on the 20th of November. I live in Australia

  29. 2 maps 2 coins and a picture for extra 20 dollars …….

  30. Make sure you use the code on the coins for nuketown 2025 map and nuketown zombies! thumbs up so he can see

  31. yes the code for the dlc is on the coin

  32. Wheres The Soundtrack?

  33. Whats your ps3 acount name mines houstontuna_jr

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