Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 – Blackout vs PUBG | Direct Comparison

A visual and gameplay comparison of the upcoming “Blackout” mode for Black Ops 4 against the most battle royale shooter game on steam, PUBG.


  1. Hey guys, if you're interested in seeing another comparison like this one, I just published a comparison between Blackout and Fortnite. Check it out here!

  2. I wonder how Apex Legends fair against these games

  3. Call of duty is unrealistic game and futuristic like Fortnite anyway I LOVE GAMING and I love both PUBG and PUBGM

  4. pubg looks more realistic and better

  5. Im pubg player, but COD's not bad

  6. I d choose pubg any day

  7. Why are you comparing a legend COD4 with a rage quitter game?

  8. Call of duty black ops 4 is far better then pubg

  9. Pubg=realistic

  10. Both of game are comparative

  11. it's hard to compare.. pubg is so raw and challenging it's just on a different level.

  12. I think cod is more reeal then pubg

  13. I prefer the bullet damage of PUBG. In blackout you can shoot at someone heaps of times and within 3 seconds the persons health is full which is completely Bullshit.

  14. I just bought pbg on my xbox …

  15. play cod world war2 series and modern warfare series and then battlefield series …these are way better than pubg

  16. I love it how people playing a game , in which a frying pan blocks a bullet , are talking about REALISM.

    A frying pan is more powerful than Spetsnaz Helmet. Ahem
    There’s a lot of Realistic bugs,glitches,hackers and ping related trash though.

  17. Blackout more realistic

  18. Such a cool video, it’s just a comparison but done so well, great job dude

  19. Is it jus me or is the lighting on blackouts beta way better??

  20. Firestorm and apex are the best ?

  21. Black Ops 4 all day!!! Not so futuristic as Black Ops 3.

  22. Black ops 4 the best game I don’t know how pubg can be compared with COD

  23. i think cod is much better , NO HACKER.
    but i still would recommend pubg for the price?

  24. Pubg Fans = Like
    Cod Black ops = Comment

  25. Cod developers = greedy dogs

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