Call Of Duty Black Ops Online Gameplay *HAVANA* Team Deathmatch With Commentary!!!

Papigfunk is back with some more Call Of Duty Black Ops baby!!! ENJOY


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  1. this doesnt look like it was a capture card 

  2. when I come back this better be at the top

  3. thumbs up if u seen cena567 on ps3 thats me

  4. @MrRibbet wow ur really ignorant……

  5. u r one of the worst players ever

  6. ur accuracy must be like 3%…geeeeeze

  7. @calebtoamanxd1 i dont know how if u do it first i will do it

  8. @MrChaer1 go commit suicide

  9. @calebtoamanxd1 fuck off

  10. @MrChaer1 fuck off

  11. @calebtoamanxd1 go fuck on another video stop this subscribe

  12. man i love black ops its so exiten

  13. subscribe to me for black ops gameplay + roxio is coming soon from ebay


  15. add me if you have a ps3 and wanna play bo mouthwash11

  16. you really have a very bad luck

  17. I think this game just sucks for online gameplay, you just keep on dying it's so lame. I liked Cod5 better :/

  18. @reddotmobster "gaystation" as you call it is made for fps games you idiot.

  19. hey dude whats your psn your pretty damn good! id like to play with u in a game

  20. @ThePapiGfunk ya sure

  21. @ThePapiGfunk yo thnksman

  22. See this is wat I mean about your gameplays you used ur camera but on ur other gameplays how did u do it without ur camera

  23. umm dude 1:40 that was me o.o my user is vamshilav

  24. here's my commentary. God damn it. God damn it. What the hell is that. God damn it.

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