Call of Duty Black Ops SNIPER RIFLE EDITION Unboxing!

Unboxing ultra rare Call of Duty Black Ops Professional Sniper Rifle bundle for Nintendo Wii. Could be a great Collector’s Edition for MW2 Remastered…
Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Limited Edition PS4 console
Far Cry 5 Collector’s Edition
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  1. Hope you've had a great weekend everyone!
    Btw I left a poll card in the top right corner about CoD and Fortnite…

  2. Are the Wii severs still

  3. I wonder if Black Ops is good for a bad PC.

  4. 俺スマホのCODやってるー

  5. When Im 8 old muy cousin bougth me the same sniper

  6. Is it necessary to keep it on da table

  7. I cant aford it for my PS4 but i used to play on my cuz PS3 ghost BO2 BO1 MW 2 MW 3 MW 4 Advanced Warfare BO3
    But now i play mobile

  8. Me:how much your console


  9. Ahh Its like Christmas all over again

  10. See!! everyone like cod more than fortnite.. i knew you prefer fortnite, but for your fans…please just don't always mention fortnite or make fortnite content.. there is so many pretty games more than fortnite, that you can play or review with new unboxing console

  11. I remember the good old time when I played this game all day long

  12. which company sells packages from a console that the same company excludes

  13. You don't even use sniper in game

  14. This is black ops 2 I know because I own bo2 it's not cod

  15. Thanks TheRelaxingEnd

  16. And give a legendary knifes for you

  17. Who misses the old vids

  18. Non metterci così tanto ad aprire una scatola di merda spicciati e parla

  19. Está en español :v al inicio

  20. Black ops 3 is on my ps4

  21. I have black ops 1,2,3,4

  22. Estaba en español no en ingles ni en frances

  23. Any one else realize he’s playing bo2 not bo1

  24. i hade one of thos untill it broke sad times 🙁 i miss it

  25. Put ur headphones on If you have one just put it on and listen to this whole amazing vid and it will be satisfying

  26. Wow . Is hakeman your friend

  27. It’s for BO1 and he was playing BO2

  28. Полный калл а не канал

  29. Unboxed a used product..nice

  30. I liked fortnite but fortnite is boring now

  31. U are stupid if u don't like cod

  32. Why is this in my recommendations

  33. En donde lo compraste y cuanto te costo me gustaria saberlo

  34. I still play black ops 3 🙂

  35. I will get call of duty because it’s my childhood game but I don’t have money but I’m saving up for but im confused because witch black ops is it?1 or 2?

  36. That last game I have it I know but what is the name of it I wanna play it again

  37. That Call Of Duty said it was CoD:BO. Not CoD:BOII.
    It’s gosh dang black Ops 2 not 1

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