Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies for Android Review

A review of the Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies game for Android.

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  1. 2019? Awaiting COD Mobile?

  2. Its not only for sony eperia guy. Check yaself

  3. Anyone know how it runs on s7?

  4. Dead trigger is far more better than this crap, it just an another horrible port of a game

  5. eh…I'll stick with the 360 version

  6. call of duty black ops zombie maps download Android game

  7. Made it to round 80 and zombies are hard af to kill

  8. when you bought the app, did you have to pay extra for like Ascension or call of the dead?

  9. does it play well with a controller?

  10. somebody get this game and play kino with me because I got it

  11. eh… I'll stick with dead trigger 2

  12. no dual wield in this game which sucks. controls suck as well. and when you get to the high rounds you really get tired of hearing the same 5 lines over again. it's cool but the world at war version is much better too bad it's only on iOS 🙁

  13. I played my first game on regular on kino and it was too easy, if u have the thunder gun and train on the stage you can pretty much live for as long as you want, I got to round 100 and got bored, the thunder gun is one hit kill forever

  14. anyone still play?

  15. I had this game and I play online sometimes with 2 players.

  16. I bought it for my tablet then a couple of months later I wanted to download it for my phone, but I have to pay for it again.

  17. What is the name of this game?

  18. better than infinite warfare trailer

  19. too hard to play looks like

  20. I have question how do u play online when u download from aptiode it say I can't play only on local and I can't find Noone to play with plz help who ever know

  21. so whats the deal with the multiplayer

  22. This game is soooo much fun

  23. can you jump in this game?

  24. can you use a ps4 controller to play this?

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