CRYPTO IS HACKING PRO APEX LEAGUE!? – Best Apex Legends Funny Moments and Gameplay Ep 213

CRYPTO IS HACKING PRO APEX LEAGUE!? – Best Apex Legends Funny Moments and Gameplay Ep 213

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  1. (Cough) subtitles round 2 beginning (cough)

  2. Omg no way I was in a ranked lobby against his teammate YaboiJoeLeeTTV @ 7:50

  3. ANYTIMESHIELD last video

  4. I’ve noticed the announcer lady and the speaker has been glitching out. Meaning crypto is hacking a bunch of shit

  5. If you go up to the door that you have to break to open on the new part of the map… before opening it just stand there. You can hear someone typing. After you break it open you can hear someone panic and run away… ITS CRYPTO!!

  6. What happens if Respawn releases a legend other than Crypto? ??

  7. I saw it saw access granted

  8. I would like to get some help with my channel please. I do play Apex Legends with some friends too.

  9. They could have had the Leviathans and evil flyers take u out for the evil flyers i think would be they pick u up and drop u out of zone and if u want to not get taken u would shoot the flyers to let u go so u can try to get back in zone.

  10. When do series 1 ends?

  11. A new legend for every season, that’s when he’ll be released.. Season 3

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  13. Pathfinder is super easy to play they made his grapple way too easy compared to how it was in titanfall 2 so I am never impressed by someone using path

  14. I wish you could buy it without apex coins

  15. I think pathfinder should heal up his health by fixing wires in his arm or attaching the syringe to wires in his arm which makes more sense.

  16. Still waiting for a squad deathmatch mode in this game…

  17. What do you think about this idea putting a gold ultimate accelerator where it charges the whole ultimate

  18. Be cool if we could tame a leviathan and like roam around on them and kill people

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  20. I think it should be a way to silently eliminate players like perfom a finisher move if manage to sneak up behind them

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