1. This is how many times Aqua and Nyros mum screamed at them for playing to much fortnite.

  2. Respect for aqua and Nyrox who made a huge comback

  3. ????????????????????????

  4. im the best player in the galaxy but i cant mony for go to the world cup

  5. Parent – I'm gonna throw out your console
    Winning player – You're not moving into my my new house then?

  6. I remember when this channel had GOOD content

  7. This is how many games you will win tomorrow.

    ?(I'm A small YouTuber trying to grow)

  8. how much did they win

  9. If your seeing this

    have a nice day or night?

  10. Where's tfue and cloakz

  11. No one cares aboit fortnite but we are just here because why the hell nit

  12. Zexrow sum shit, change my mind.

  13. Im from norway im so happy

  14. Ninja and tfue are just the most Watch players not the best and this proves it

  15. guys fr i just realised if mongraal and mitr0 could get a victory royale, they woulda tied with the winners.

  16. why graphics sucks so bad?

  17. who would want to watch FORTNITE ESPORTS???? LMAO

  18. 1+1= Duo never leave each other back?

  19. If u sub 2 me I'll Subscribe back

  20. Das waren krasse runden

  21. Worlds (League of Legends) looks waaay cooler. Not even playing lol 😀

  22. Good luck on beating fortnight at area 51.

  23. Looks like a Crowbcat job

  24. The incel world cup

  25. I hope you have a great day:)

    Also make videos if I could grab your opinion on my new one that be great:)

  26. Why does anyone care about this game

  27. Tfue: shit talks controller players
    Controller player: comes 2nd in World Cup Duo Finals

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