FORTNITE x IT is CANCELLED Explained! + Rift Beacons Activated (Storyline Solved)

Fortnite Update! IT CANCELLED Explained! + Rift Beacons Activated (Storyline Solved)

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  1. Here’s the Original Comment before it came to be a story

    Visiter: Zaps Mega mall To Retail
    Tomato: Oh

  2. I really really wanted the it event

  3. Looks like we won't be floating (Tʖ̯T)

  4. Out of any event to be canceled IT had to be one of them I'm mad af

  5. Its like 6 years old playing fortnite if they realese it event the 6 years old gonna get nightmares

  6. My epic is Bigboyperson and I love ur videos keep up the great work
    Like to let him know

  7. Guys the updates here with new greasy grove taco time and moisty palms

  8. Many they cancelled it because IT is rated R! Never thought of that.

  9. Maybe it just they try to update the balloon

  10. Ur wrong i saw it and a red balloon in the sewer at 12:00 in ur vid

  11. I follow you on Xbox my name is Midnightz Peely

  12. There might be an it skin coming on Halloween but that's just my opinion

  13. I use postboxpat cause I'm a legend and my epic is ThayTheKiller13

  14. Hi this is 1 day later and the update is dope. Greasy grove has returned and also is a rift zone and also they brought back moisty but is called moisty palms. Hope you enjoy the update???

  15. I use the best code Postboxpat my username is brodyangelo

  16. My username is pycho7

  17. I was subbed before but it unsubbed me!

  18. You should of mesiged the YouTuber JT (he sometimes expose pepole)

  19. I was so excited for this event for them to do me this bad, i don't even want to play anymore tbh

  20. They are removed because of the 10.30 patch I think the collab is still on but here is the thing in the files I see clown emote,glider,skin

  21. My theory is that the cube goes to the locations on top of the island and drops all the items back in there original locations like when greasy Grove come it'll drop the durr burger head on top of the island back on the durr burger sign just a theroy but it might happen

  22. Epic games: sorry we are canceling the it event
    IT: why you why you bully me

  23. Sadly just because there is no ballon don’t mean it won’t happen

  24. I think it's time you and I have a chat again. I'll message you tomorrow- c0mmander frost

  25. Georgie:you’ll float too. Fortnite:nah I ain’t scared pennywise:…… in game name flamecat008

  26. 2:20 who else heard 2 voices?

  27. Who’s gonna watch shining to a.k.a. Dr. sleep

  28. You just hate the it cilab

  29. Maybe it's glitched an I will be added back tomorrow for the next update

  30. The balloons are moving every day, the collaboration isnt canceled

  31. I'm thinking greasy is going to return with grass around it, and slowly return the frozen area to grass.

  32. It cross over is tomorrow


  34. I Did not want the it collab to be canceled

  35. Hey, my IGN is YoungSavageBroYo and i use code postboxpat
    Can i ask why IT's head is so big?

  36. I have a uno reverse card so you don’t have to like the video in those 10 second parts

    No need to like, just take it

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