Game Theory: Why Team Mystic DOMINATES Pokemon GO

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Pokemon Go is everywhere, and literally everyone is playing it, ni matter who you are, even CatPat! But despite the enormous number of people playing this game, coming from all walks of life, one trend is already starting to emerge……


  1. matpat, you might have to redo this theory 😉
    (error 1) NOW you can switch teams for 1000 pokecoins, not worth it.
    (error 2) The only popular teams these days are instinct and valor

  2. No. People just like Articuno more than the other birds. That's it.

  3. So people that chose mystic are sheeps. Hmm

  4. I simply chose team mystic because I like being a mage in games. 😮

  5. now what's the theory common sense wasn't already telling

  6. I am watching in 2019 so you can be able to switch team EDIT: I’m on team yellow YEET????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  7. I'm antisocial so I'm team instict

  8. 2019 here…

    I chose Red because I literally thought choosing a team meant what they stood for had an effect in game to find out that’s not the case at all… I wanted Yellow because Zapdos is the best legendary… do a theory on that MatPat! 🙂

  9. Instinct is the resistance

  10. At the Justin Beiber part, I was immediately thinking "Germany!"

  11. "Notice that I didn't put mystic in the middle." Well you SAID it first, basically making someone SEE it first, so most people may choose it if they were presented blindly.

  12. Instinct: Weak people who don't care and just want to play the game

    Valor: tryhards

    Mystic: actually good

  13. I picked Instinct because Zapdos is the superior birb.

  14. 9:40 I’m an ambivert. So what about those people?

  15. Well now you can Change teams Call me the New Theorist xD

  16. I would pick Mystic if Articuno wasn't crappy as heck. (like, if it was Water/Flying, i'd love that, but Game Freak made it a goddamn ice/flying, which is hilariously bad in the games.)

  17. I am to be your member

  18. #TeamMysticForThaWin i only like mystic bcz the logo is my fav pokemon and bcz its blue and bcz its tha best team ever

  19. I guess you could say I choose my team by following my instincts badum tsh

  20. I join mystic it's team ice, team winter!

  21. Because people like blue

  22. Well, people also most likely chose team Mystic focuses on evolving Pokémon and sure Team valor is about strengthening but evolution gives a better chance in cp after evolution and I don’t remember anything about instinct ;-; I chose Team Mystic

  23. Niantic fucked this up in any game they made it would be such an easy feature to auto assign except if you have an invitation to a team from a friend.. that would keep it at 1/3rd for every team

  24. 2:42 wow, a thank and a half

  25. If we go competitive in vgc zapdos is 100 Xs better

  26. I would choose team Mysticic because I have Articuno on Let's Go Pikachu

  27. Hi from Norway. Go team mystic.

  28. Fat pay and dick in the span of 5 seconds oh hell yeah

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