Harry Potter: Wizards Unite iOS Launch Day Gameplay

Fan of Pokemon Go? Check out Niantic’s newest location-based augmented reality game, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. This gameplay clip shows contains Fortress Wizarding Challenges, which are similar to Pokemon Gym battles in Pokemon Go. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is free and available on iOS and Android.


  1. It won't work on iPad like if you think it should

  2. shitty average game.

  3. Looks fucking lame ? the commercials make it look epic but it’s terrible

  4. Werewolf Genocide Simulator

  5. Which doing spell? It doesn't appear.

  6. This looks so bad, wasted oportunity

  7. Wizards… Ready your WANDS ??????
    I've been hearing that shit in the ads so many times & it's still so funny. Wands = Penises.

  8. unsubbing until kallie is out see ya until then. IGN is better anyway they have a wheelchair ramp

  9. so shiiiiiittttttt<yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  10. Wow I had high hopes for this, spent 2 mins watching this and fell asleep….

  11. that's a lie it's not on all devices it don't even come up on my Google play store

  12. he atacc

    he protecc

    but most importantly

    dis suk aas

  13. Cant find game on my phone

  14. wtf kkkkk energy system in that type of game…really??

  15. Damn that shit looks wack af?

  16. I used to be interested in Harry potter games, but that was 10 Harry potter games ago and before J.K. destroyed her creation.

  17. Only us and uk launch

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