How To Mod Black Ops Zombies | Xbox 360

~~ Steps ~~
Step 1. Plug Your USB into your xbox 360
Step 2. Go To system, storage, hard drive, gaming and apps, call of duty black ops
step 3. delete Title update #11 or whatever the title update is
Step 4. Clear System Cache
Step 5. Go To system, storage, then find the gamer profile you wish to mod, then click on it and move it to your USB
Step 6. Open Horizon, it should have detected your device (USB)
Step 7. double click flash drive, double click gamer profiles.
Step 8. Right click your…


  1. Wow Excellent Video I hope to See more from you soon!! I Can Tell you put time into this Keep up the Great Content!

  2. Can we do a bo1 mod lobby my gt is RAWR sWaPzZ

  3. Are there instructions on how to use the mod???

  4. Thanks dude it worked ! 🙂 

  5. thx dood it didnt work for shit u really helped me by wasting my time

  6. Worked thanks bro. 🙂

  7. Didnt work but still +1 like

  8. It worked and the song is awesome thanks

  9. E-dubble changed my mind

  10. is there a mod for unlimited money

  11. Works Great!,Thanks And Controls Are Easy 🙂

  12. Can u go online on it

  13. Hey please reply I have done this multiple times every step but when I go to solo on zombie and play it freezes can you help me in any way please and thanks.

  14. All I know is The song is e-dubble

  15. Is their a points one with usb by any chance

  16. it did not work  for me and that song is awesome!

  17. Thanks really helped!

  18. got it working but dont know the controlls for it 

  19. I do not work but they have changed the commands

  20. download it from the description

  21. it may of changed since the last time i played, and can't really check as i no longer play xbox, sorry man you will have to find an alternative way to mod it.

  22. Ppl like u make the game terrible because playing the game normally is the way, and we all know why ppl hack, mod, and glitch, it's because in reality they suck

  23. well, then you must not of done exactly as i done because if you did it would of worked.

  24. yes, you are a failure for not following clear instructions.

  25. THANKS IT WORKED! but wat are the controlls?

  26. does it only work on five?

  27. Duuude, it didn't work at all, i did exactly as u did in the video, nothin happens

  28. Well There Are Noobs That Dont No

  29. e dubble changed my mind

  30. well you didn't do it correctly then did you?

  31. it removes itself after first use

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