Ingress Prime & Wizards Unite: Will Players Leave Pokemon Go? How Niantic are trying to stop it.

In this episode we take a break from the Wizards Unite hype train (mainly because I recorded this just before the launch) and take a wider look at Niantic’s games as a whole.
Why did Niantic Launch Prime before all the features were added.
What happened to Ingress when Pokemon Go Launched.
How Adventure Sync for Pokemon Go is linked to Ingress Prime.
What Niantic is doing to try to prevent player migrations.

Artist: Mathias​ Loose
Song: Harry Potter – Double Trouble (Sort…

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  1. I get all my Ingress info from you, Mark!! I also liked your thoughts on The Order podcast this morning. Nice job!

    Adventure sync seems to fit with the integration goals of mobile gaming + life… plus, general metrics and quantification of everything (like ratings, likes, views, physical activity, etc). Side note: I'm trying to get to 25km this week! I haven't been able to get that far yet, so we'll see how well I do ?

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