Pokemon Battle in Real Life

Get ready for an all-new Pokémon experience! Pokémon GO opens a universe of Pokémon to find, catch, trade, and .
What would Pokemon GO be like in Real Life?
Pikachu Vs Nidoqueen Battle
pokémon in the real world

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  1. Pikachu – Electro Type .
    Nidoqueen – Ground Type
    RedPanti – we don't Care. We Love Pikachu ?

  2. Idiots Nidoqueen is a ground type and electric moves have 0 effect on ground type , what a stupid video

  3. Need to work on that acting and English…why didn't you say it in Hindi?

  4. When you said "Hey thats my squartle it sounded like "hey thats my scooter good luck for next time with better English ???

  5. Pokemon name are not pronounced properly

  6. I 2ant an Indian based Reigon but I'm afraid the Alola treatment gets issued again…

  7. this was the most stupidest , cringe , horrible video have ever watched , first you said thunder bolt like , pikachu use thunder! and you sounded like a cow

  8. Is it only me Who noticed it was a shiny that squirtle

  9. It's the same as the other one

  10. But thunder moves don't work on ground type pokemon

  11. good English. I like it

  12. ??❤️???????❣️???????⛎♓️♌️☦️♒️♌️??

  13. That's no real motherfuckers

  14. This video was really great!
    Buen trabajo!!!

  15. Uh when you defeat a pokemon they dont die,they faint

  16. Did anyone else notice it was a shiny squirtle?

  17. Itni hawas ke saath wo larki ki pokeball keu liya us chutiya ne?

  18. Excuse me. I come here to demonstrate my dissatisfaction with @NianticJP @NianticLabs @PokemonGOapp. Once my son Nick RuanAriel5 day 07/07/19 at 17:35 h, he performed a groudon raid and luckily came the long awaited shiny, but by chance the app caught, after the ball capture the same, we all know that shiny is on the first ball. I restarted the app to complete the capture, but the screen only appeared in the gym the fight symbol finished, I tried to enter the room several times and nothing, I went in the capture bag and nothing. I sent msg, and the answer was that: they apologized but that next time I caught the pokémon in a timely manner, but I will give a Premium console pass. I told them then you recognize the error that the app had, and try to soften give a damn Premium pass. There is no one to pay for my son's frustration at seeing his shiny pokemon, catching it and not even being in the bag to admire. And always ask me why it is not in the bag. My grade to niantic today is zero, shit.


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  21. I am also playing Pokemon Go

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    you x c v
    v y z y usd

  23. How.did.a.electric.type.pokemon.kill.a.ground.type?

  24. Mi hermana vio este vídeo y bomito????????????????

  25. Jo Pokémon ka fan hai like kro

  26. Pokemon kuning Pikachu hahahahaha

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