POKEMON GO | GOING TOO FAR? (BeastMaster 64 Episode 1)

Pokémon GO gone too far? ★~(◡﹏◕✿)
No Pugs were harmed during the making of this video.
Except Edgar, that bitch died.

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  1. Why does pewdiepie look like him?

  2. Damn,Beastmaster64 use Geodude as his balls

  3. Where the hell did his torso and legs go?!

  4. “I stole a Pikachu from a child and then ate it.”

    -Pewdiepie 2016

  5. Doesn’t Beast master 64 look like pewdiepie?

  6. I laughed so much when this first came out

  7. Please don't tell marzia

  8. Hello! I am a trainer from Poland and I am looking for friends from all over the world. Join my team!

    7341 4430 0690

  9. Just imagine just walking around the park and seeing this dude rolling around on the ground swearing and pointing at random objects

  10. Once every few months, I come back to watch the beastmaster videos cos they are rare gems in YouTube

  11. Little does he know in a couple of years he will have 100M subs, be married

  12. 1:09 god damn that adult supervision required warning really shows how lethal that bow is

  13. Beast master needs to come back because theres minnecraft earth(bassically a copy of pokemon go)

  14. Avenger end game.copy pewdiepie

  15. Is it me or does beast master 64 looks likes pewdiepie/Felix

  16. I miss Beast Master 64… hahahaha

  17. I can completely believe it if Papa Franku wrote this

  18. This was the first pewdiepie video I ever watched

  19. Its pokeman. Thats how parents say it

  20. Written and directed by papa franku i really miss franku

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