Pokemon GO In The Forrest! Pokemon Life EP1 (Pokemon GO Gameplay)

Pokemon Go Episode 1 has us playing the new Pokemon Go ios game with epic Pokemon Go gameplay in a deadly forrest! We try and catch them all! This video we will take on a gym and learn how to evolve with Pokemon Go Gameplay. We may even see Pikachu charmander or squirtle! Like for more episodes and funny gaming videos daily!

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  1. You now kids are watching this you peace of popo

  2. what code did what code did you use to get in

  3. Papa Jake is way different in gaming videos and box fort videos

  4. I’m a Pokémon my self I’m a mega gallade

  5. Stop swearing. Bad boy

  6. Papa jake do a box fort nrfe gone

  7. shoot logan in the BALLS !

  8. Papa jake I subscribed and leave a like

  9. Why are you going to shoot that Squirtle

  10. What the f*** is wrong with u having gun

  11. Wtf does he have a gun in the thumbnail

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