PUBG Mobile Lite Gameplay

PUBG Mobile Lite on my Galaxy J5 Prime.

Pretty smooth! (The Lag is due to the recorder and not the game itself, remember I am recording and playing PUBG Mobile Lite at the same time on my J5 which is obviously not that quite powerful)

Play store links soon!


  1. Thanks for the views Guys!! I dont know that my mic is also open hahahaha dont mind about that, for those who are requesting obb files, I dont have one since I downloaded it off Play Store. And To those of you who came here from Derek G’s video, a warm welcome to all of you in my channel! ?❤️

  2. Hello everyone apko pubg litt ham bhi khelte he or live bhi karte he to hamre sathe ajavo khelne

  3. Bhai ma ra sath khelo ga in 1st november mera id hai Rimpa Mallick

  4. I like pubg mobile lite and pley pubg lite

  5. What is your name in ping lite

  6. Bal er khela….,,, tui toh both Re

  7. vai eta new upgrade naki

  8. Sty te ru ud st hf di jg dth jg
    Sty dh jg dt jd dgh
    Dh te th jg di te yog ch

  9. I will play nice them you in pubg????????????

  10. Mujhe lagta hai koi ab ling lite nhi khelta

  11. I like pubg mobile lite
    I play pubg mobile lite

  12. पागल खेले ना बैठा हूं

  13. I am pubg Lite player??

  14. I hate pubg ?????

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