1. damn this was a good video

  2. "roblox is better than apex legends"
    no…its not

  3. 7:17 but it say a you have 2 friends in apex ?

  4. its not better than APEX LEGENDS

  5. I feel most alive while rapidly approaching roblox

  6. Your wrong bro who even plays this game your stupid apex is better your game is old roblox get out here you even have season wow

  7. i wish he edits more videos like this LOL

  8. This is just apex I don’t see roblox

  9. I was about to commment something about this until I found out it’s a joke here’s the comment

    Bruh apex legends and roblox are two very different games it’s like saying Transformer fall of cybertron is better than Minecraft


  11. Syn:i don't need roblox I need apex
    3 weeks later
    Syn:roblox take me back
    Roblox:i thought so

  12. roblox isnt better than apex, you was just getting no views..

  13. New definition of try hard—— SynthesizeOG

  14. I'm better than you at strucid

  15. edits like ceeday rlly good

  16. This is the best video i've seen

  17. Ok I subbed to you again
    *Return of Syn*

  18. 4:35 SYN stop sniffing whatever ur sniffin, aight?

  19. I thought this was roblox ?

  20. Remember Syn, Its about what you love to play, not what the audience want you to do to entertain them

  21. Classic Synthesize OG with the swearing in his videos. For his OG’s :3

  22. ayee thats the spirit syn thanks for not quitting roblox lmao ive been here since uya old channl when it was at 500 subs lmao

  23. apex legends is better than roblock so let's dab

    slightly dabs

    Haha! You have been fooled!

  24. since u started back roblox then u can start back phantom forces

  25. Let's wait till someone make a roblox game that looks like apex lmao

  26. Damn this new phantom forces update is so dope

  27. finally you said roblox is better than apex legens and btw play phantom forces

  28. Rip syns views – literally 2 months ago

  29. Ooga booga lookin ahhh boi jk sup bro

  30. Never click Read More

    What? You thought I was gonna curse your year? NAH I would never do that to you but a sub would be appreciated 🙂

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