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  1. The triple take was so trash you hit 3 head shots back to back for 30 with a choke

  2. 7:03 they havent faced the laggy servers yet

  3. Is hekhekhekhek wadu?

  4. Ahh when apex was still a pure fun game good times good times.

  5. The moment when you realize that that one time that rando carried your team and killed every enemy in sight resulting in you getting like 42 damage because they were already dead by the time you realized where they were was because that rando was shroud. lol and then I sent an invite to both of the teammates and shroud left because the other guy had done zero damage and had to be reseed a lot. Or maybe he just accidentally accepted my invite. Also shroud killed me a couple matches later.

  6. And here I am struggling to get a single kill, still love the game.

  7. 7:00 Never heard the words smooth and Apex Legends in a same sentence lol wth

  8. Looking back at this, it's kinda amazing to realize how much better the game is now

  9. Slow enough for me to follow, but now hes like…FLICK HEADSHOT KNOCK, SQUAD WIPEOUT

  10. I'm rewatching this to see how far this game has come.

  11. i wanna try to play but im scared that i will get bad result after match

  12. That 3 round burst reminds of the Aug in H1Z1 PS4

  13. is he play with wadu?!

  14. Nothing says anything anytime

  15. Battle Royale not Battle Royal

  16. You left the mastiff?!!!

  17. I downloaded this game yesterday and got 4 wins with pathfinder or howewer its called

  18. this is so better than fortnite

  19. This cover is click bait. I just wanted some bloodhound gameplay.

  20. It hurt to watch him use 5 round burst on the prowler and not pick up that mastiff

  21. holy shit, i can barely hit enemies 50% of the time with a mouse and keyboard, how does someone even kill someone on console, controller????? do they have aim assist?

  22. shroud is my best idoll he is the best FPS gamer for meh

  23. the first word i have heard about shroud is HOLLY FUC.K

  24. The moment you realize this isn't his first game and we all got bamboozled

  25. Shroud is how I discovered Apex

  26. Я знаю здесь есть русские!!!

  27. brought to you by Overwatch

  28. he was literally using a gold prowler on burst mode……… yikes

  29. PUBG Mobile is better than Fortnite

  30. Who loves this game hit a like here ?

  31. Mobile version releases Sept-Nov 2019

  32. i need someone to play this apex game with me…..reply your apex game name

  33. Not as good as PUBG , SFX and flow of PUBG are at another level .

  34. I see respawn put a lot of titan fall into this game

  35. Wait……. was that the spitfire from titan fall 2 at the beginning?

  36. Love this game ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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