1. 4:10 anyone notice the kid say the n word before he talks about that other person

  2. I do believe trying to hack another youtuber will get his account banned

  3. Hey is it just me or does he kinda sound like T.j. Miller

  4. The one thing that I like about this is the fact that Riddle has a worse trigger finger than I do

  5. You have the brain cells of a five year old ??? you lose brain cells as you age so in retrospect he said you have more brain cells then himself hahahaha

  6. I love how triggered the people get in his videos. I want to see him do a rainbow six siege video. As salty as people get on that game, it’s be fucking priceless

  7. These kids are fuckin dumb bro

  8. Yo almost 1mil just 2k more give or take

  9. "His brain cell count is that of a fuccin 5 year olds"
    Considering infants have 100 billion brain cells at birth and 90% of the brain is developed by 5 years of age. Most normal ppl maintain a 100 billion brain cell count throughout life as well.
    In conclusion the player who said that is a pure tard.

  10. Lmao his youtube account is vengefultwinky..with 3 subscribers

  11. Clickbait in 2019? Lmao nobody even hacked you how are you putting that in the title

  12. >Says it sounds like Kos has HIS penis in his mouth
    >has his mouth full the entire time.


  13. Do the people you play with get any kills like why are they even playing just to talk to strangers

  14. You make call of duty look fun

  15. i like the guy in the intro.

  16. My first time watching his videos. I didn't see his videos a long time.

  17. Clickbaited, shoulda changed ur title to TRIGGERED YOUTUBER “HACKS” my account

  18. Good sportsmanship is clearly a thing of the past.people can learn to a game with practice unfortunately a shit personality is forever. No one is this crap has anything to be proud about you all come across like dicks

  19. Anyone else remember the og tk hours earlier with the mortal combat tournament

  20. Haven’t watched kos since he stopped vloging everyday I need this in my life

  21. “this man thinks hes funny or something” meanwhile im over here dying

  22. As a White Hat (With OWASP Certification) I hereby declare this "hacker" a Script Kiddie.
    Have a Lipton teabag to show your stupidity.

  23. It’s sad how bo4 is filled with grown 30+ yr olds who act like that

  24. He didn't hack your account. He never did

  25. Come on you guys got to no this was staged lol

  26. The guy talking shit while eating sounds like a virgin haha.

  27. damn the fuckin collateral.

    edit: wait hol up….don't kids have more cells and shit then adults or some shit?

  28. We’re seeing the defense mechanism of an egotistical over 30-year old man child. Constant fake laughs and statements that apply to different conversations to avoid further embarrassment. These videos are always the best best. Keep up the good work Kumduff ❤️?

  29. its crazy how people dont understand that kos may troll but he is actually genuinely a good ass gamer

  30. This would be interesting if u and trea flocka ran into each other ??

  31. Stevey coupons still the better troll

  32. Oh God that old school intro??

  33. Digging the old intro

  34. Justin was at 996120 subs yesterday now he has less what's going on

  35. I needed this good laugh I've been having a rough day and thank you kos. Its really hard out hear to.find a job and just cant find one. But this makes me smile and laugh thank you…

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