1. God damnit, future humans are going to find this book and totally hate us (so much more)

  2. "Muselk? Moose elk? Mucinex? I don't fucking know."

  3. Muselk is a TF2 Youtuber. This is actually Satire

  4. You were on some asmr shit this episode

  5. How to win Fortnite:

    Step 1: Drop where no one is at.

    Step 2: Find some good items, and get at least 1 "Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle" or "Heavy Sniper Rifle".

    Step 3: Hide and camp until your are one of the last few players left.

    Step 4: Pick off the last people one by one, without being seen.

    Step 5: Kill the last players alive without being seen.

    You won the game of Fortnite and pissed of the lobby.

  6. The store I work at sells this stuff lmao

  7. Muselk switched from tf2 to fortnite ;-;

  8. this is so sad, can we get an F for MuselkTF2

  9. They still sell these at my local Target a year later lmao

  10. Wow i didn't know cancer came in book form now

  11. I guess every single person has finally got this book I can’t even engage in a gun fight without having to waist 500 Material per person

  12. punani vaginy. i come here to learn words

  13. I saw one in CVS too lol

  14. the 211 dislikes are from the squeakers who like fortnite

  15. wow somehow i managed to watch this on its 1 year anniversary

  16. Oh shit ur hair is short

  17. you look like keanu reeves

  18. Litville. Nice. What's a Dubski?

  19. "Do you think that god stays in heaven because he too lives in fear of what he has created"

  20. Real gamers play on there moms phone

  21. Who are these products made for??

  22. I used to buy these game guides as a kid. But they were for RPGs or games that had a lot of small details I needed to know about. Now the Internet has kinda ruined that business haha

  23. this video smells like shit

  24. fortnite just makes me fucking edge my temple closer to the gun barrel

  25. While all you losers were busy BUYING Fortnite on PC and PS4, I was downloading the deluxe version off of Limewire, FOR FREE!! It has so much bonus content, the file size is 1.2 terabytes! I'm right about to install it and slay some n00bs!

  26. Hope it covers the importance of a gaming diaper

  27. 1:03 I only know Ninja

  28. Wal-Mart sells trumps book but not dawkins, Hitchens or sam. Im not shocked.

  29. my doorman gave this to me a while back because I said I play fortnite

  30. wow i actually saw that at a crappy discount bookstore.

  31. This is an ASMR parody. I got ya Charlie

  32. my dad got that for me for christmas…

  33. I havnt bought a strategy guide since kingdom hearts

  34. There was a fortnite guide at my school book fair last year

  35. How is the book that thick the font must be massive

  36. This shit had me dying

  37. People do give away the bible.

  38. Thanks Charlie, now I can get them Ultra XL Super Street Fighter Turbo Blowjob wins in Fortnite. Writes that while not even playing Fortnite

  39. Unreal that someone acctualy wrote this.

  40. I want a full livestream of him reading this entire book start to finish

  41. I had a flash of nostalgia and upset when the book said "muselk"
    it's like a whisper to the past corrupted by the future.

  42. Who downloads porn when it's free ever heard of pornhub

  43. Legitimately saw this in a shop yesterday and now this appears in my recommended

  44. I hope the guide contains a chapter dedicated to talking trash and telling people you've had sex with their mother.

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