10 Tips To Instantly Improve In Apex Legends Season 2!

If you want to Improve in Apex Legends Season 2 – and you want it to only take 10 (well, 12) minutes – then watch this! These are the best and most concise tips I’ve compiled after over 400 hours and tons of wins in King’s Canyon. Win more gunfights, understand the Meta, and make smart plays to dominate the lobby in Season 2! Make sure to watch until the end! Have a tip to add? Hit me with a comment! | Twitter: | Follow the stream,…


  1. Smooth video friend, congratulations on your new career!

  2. I just wanna know why this guy didn’t experience any recoil throughout this entire video, honestly that’s a tip you should’ve included because with that kind of information I wouldn’t need this video

  3. you did not teach me anything, i didnt win or get kills u suck

  4. It’s over Anakin I have the high ground 7:30

  5. Subbed in the first 30 seconds LMFAOO

  6. My meta is r99 and wing man its really good if you know how to use them

  7. The gun isnt good if you need a hop up, I wont waste time finding hop ups 247 just to be able to use a bad gun

  8. get motivation, start game…

    get killed by lvl 100+ with 17000kill player (im currenly lvl 25)

  9. got 3 wins! from this vid

  10. I win almost all games i play but why am i still watching this?

  11. Deserves multiple thumbs up buddy

  12. You earned a sub with this video.

  13. Telling me about a Mozambique doesn’t help me be better

  14. Am i the only one who hip fires in close to medium range? When you hip fire you can crouch and move around. The hipfire accuracy is also crazy. Aslong as the enemy is in your cross hair your gonna lazer them. Ive been playing since day 1 and ive found out hip firing is better Then regular aiming in close range combat.

  15. I found this very useful Randay…

  16. Subscribe jamale way apex gaming

  17. Bro cheers for the help

  18. Man it was amazing to see you at Poland invitational

  19. Very influential. I watched this video sep 10th. Today is the 20th. It's been 10 days since I took notes from this particular video. I've noticed an increase in my performance dramatically! It's all about your attitude and willingness to commit! Love the content and i'm happy to hear you are full time (: keep it uh comin' my friend!

  20. Man you have just pulled at my heart strings <3 Great video too cheers 🙂

  21. That nade placement at 0:47 was so epic!

  22. What about in situations where you panic? How do you stop the panic?

  23. I wanna jump in ranked, but I’m afraid of pissing off the overly serious people. I already run into enough toxicity as it is in casuals. Opinions?

  24. everytime i see someone near me i got nervous hence killed !

  25. How can you tell the damage on the guns? Ima noob. I’m just useing any gun lol it’s not like COD we’re you see the stats. I’m confused

  26. this guy is kinda snarky

  27. How were you able to do this full time, HMu

  28. I miss the OP Wingman Times

  29. Yeah if I can do damage because my aim sucks and I’m not good enough to get the l star

  30. How are we meant to get better from this when over 400,000 people have watched this?!

  31. fam i used to dominate in season 0 but now i just get dumped
    this life motivater/tips for apex rlly helped me through

  32. Why do you sound like Gundam

  33. I love all your video s my brother can you do a video a bout aim in plz

  34. I was looking for improvements or tips not descriptions of whatever

  35. haha thanks for painting a target on my noob head i'm still getting placenta licked off me. also i tried telling my "EX Wife" i needed to have a few other options just in case she wasn't available……. aaahhhhh you meant just in games gotcha

  36. Is there someone who is willing to donate me some money to buy a new pc…I'm a broke teenager and i can't afford a pc but i want to play Apex so badly…

  37. This seems more like an inspirational video than a file and tricks for APEX Legends video. But I mean, who's complaining?

  38. Thank you gonna put these to a try! New to apex

  39. playing in Europe suck, because everyone sweats their balls off and are toxic af

  40. He's getting 2-3 kills per game how is he giving tips? He needs to learn to play better himself first

  41. Saw you back in the smite days. Still quality no doubt.

  42. After I watch these kinds of videos, it always looks so easy. Then I go and try it out, and I’m the first to die ?

  43. Can we not do the OG bullshit in Apex, moved away from Fortnite cause of that shit.

  44. I got 2 wins today and 3 wins yesterday

  45. The video was too professional is like I'm taking a online course?????

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