Call of Duty: Black Ops II – Time and Fate

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  1. Being a Nicaraguan it was weird playing this part of the game

  2. Its actually Menendez' fault lol why would he keep his sister in such place

  3. Woah dude watch that shooting at the civies

  4. It needs graphics card yet?

  5. Fuck woods he killed menendez sister

  6. Do you think Woods should’ve been dishonorably discharged after what he did at 22:31?

  7. What’s the music in the beginning?

  8. I think Woods hates Menendez more than Kravchencho

  9. They should’ve used his sister to get Raul Menendez to surrender

  10. When you lose your sister because you tortured a team of American soldiers so you launch a drone attack on America.

  11. Hudson: MG truck incoming! Woods: Shoot the fucking driver, Mason! Like old times huh, Mason!

  12. Josefinaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayeet

  13. Woods: MG nest! Front entrance!!!!!

    Hudson: RPG's! Main balcony!!

  14. Mason: Who's the girl?
    Hudson: Doesn't matter. She's not a target.
    Woods: Probably just a whore…

  15. i know benitiez the leader of the fng soldiers

  16. In my opinion best camping ever

  17. I wish that Mason, Woods, or Hudson put a bullet in Menendez's head in the body bag to ensure that he's dead.

  18. Mason: Who's the girl?
    Hudson: Doesn't matter. She's not a target.

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