Fortnite Guide "Best Weapon Perks" Recommendations "Fortnite Weapons Guide"

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  1. What would be the best perks when it’s come down to DMG, all dmg? All crit? Crit rate.. what is the best combo?

  2. 1)Crit hit chance

    2)Crit hit damage

    3)headshot damage


    5) elemental damage

  3. Is 2 20% damages,, 20% headshot,, longer durability and fire good??

  4. Add me on ps4 I got mike :KDAWG332

  5. So wait my equalizer I can’t get another until I put it into the collection book?

  6. Can u do a 'best traps' guide no one has done it and it can get u views

  7. I hope they add a perk re-roll system.

  8. Love your content keep up the good job broski

  9. Headshots do more damage yes but it's not crit. I have a sniper wasp and I get a headshot for 800 some damage and then I get another headshot on someone else same mission and get 1100 some damage.

  10. I personal think dat Critdmg, Energy with affliction dmg. and Durability decay are the best ones for most of the weapons.

    Critdmg because every headshot is a guaranteed crit
    Energy with affliction dmg to save up ammo and be effective against all enemys
    Weapon durability decay not to craft every mission a new one

    I would take a Legendary wiht following Perks:

    1. +10 Weapon Damage Changes type to Energy. Causes Affliction damage over 6 seconds.
    2. -32 Weapon Durability decay
    3. +60 Crit Damage
    4. +60 Crit Damage
    5. +60 Crit Damage

    Only if i could…

  11. Id say u must have afflictipn dmg of some sort on sniper/shotgun. No point in using even more ammo to finish off a 50 hp target!

  12. Ryfriends from the discord chat got a crit damage and 3 crit chance on the same weapon (basically most shots will be crits) thus i have a question….what is the discord chat policy on murder?

  13. Do you also recommend using the air strike and heal? As someone who enjoys building I like the banner instead of air strike, but that may just be me.

  14. Never been first , yay , you doing a good job buddy keep up the good work

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