Fortnite vs. Apex Legends Comparison | Gameplay, Animations & Graphics

Is Fortnite better than Apex Legends? Find out in this Gameplay, Animation, Graphics, Map, Guns & Sounds Comparison/battle.

es: Cual es mejor Fortnite vs. Apex Legends Comparacion.
fr: Comparaison Fornite vs. Apex Legends. Quel jeu est meilleur?


  1. Fortnite is a good Battle Royale that focuses more on events, game modes and collabs (probably just for business, but as long as the events are good does that matter?) while Apex is creating a whole new universe, everything has a story that Respawn is telling us season after season..
    Both are good titles, I wouldn't be able to pick one (I personally play Apex because I got interested when it got released and I've been sticking to the because since then). I heard that Fortnite is getting worse season after season, I know for a fact that Apex is doing the opposite of that; Fortnite has many emotes and references to contemporary stuff, which is cool, while Apex can't do that because it would destroy the nature of the characters.
    Enjoy the game you prefer, don't try to compare these titles and focus on getting better because both games are rewarding and skill actually matters in these Battle Royales.

  2. Deep inside we all know Apex Legends is better than fortnite.

  3. Tô cagando pra Apex kskdk jogo modinha da porra aqui é fortnite

  4. fortnite is just a mobile adaptive version! its awful.

  5. The amount of brainlets

  6. C’mon apex is better than Fortnite and we all know Fortnite is stupid for kids

  7. The gun animations is so dynamic and with lots of details in apex legends
    Even more than lots of mainly shooter games,
    Just look at alternator spring in 2:35

  8. Fortnite is better…. i gues

  9. let a pro compare the two on PC and not console whoever compared these two fucking did a horrible horrible stupid comparison

  10. personally i'd rather play fortnite because apex's environment is depressing compared to fortnite. fortnite is just all around goofy and colorful, also it has daily updates which keep the game fresh whereas apex is kinda stagnant. i do like apex though, it just gets boring easily

  11. Fortnite sued apex legends

    Adds Respawn vans and ping loot

  12. I believe that fortnite is better cause of storyline character customization challenges constantly evolving map updates storyline and challenges that keep you playing

  13. Like= Apex

    you dont even need to bother commenting or giving me a like beacause i already know the winner is apex.

  14. They cant compare graphics because fortnite and apex have two vastly different genres of graphics cartoon and real life based

  15. In fortnite i can see the ass of characters

  16. Do u see that 90% of the comments are for apex?
    Well i'm not surprised at all but, still i expected that, the fortnite players to be in a higher number. Anyway, nice job apex! Still my faveourite game!

  17. ”APEX COPY FORTNITE OMG OMG” just shut up fortnite Copy too because beacons…

  18. Apex Legends Comment ?
    Fortnite Like ?

  19. And in apex the pathfinder legend copy grappler in fortnite apex should lose

  20. Apex copy fortnite fortnite added zipline in season 7 and then apex copy fortnite zipline

  21. Hey guys,who thinks they copied each other like

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