With the much anticipated Garchomp for Pokemon GO let’s well it holds up against the champs in GO.

◾Garchomp dragon type comparisons to Rayquaza and Dragonite

◾Garchomp ground type comparison to Groudon and Rhyperior

◾Twilight cup practice battles

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  1. I FINALLY got my Garchomp the other day. I absolutely love it.

  2. Still salty shiny rayquaza didn’t drop

  3. So when is he coming out? I really want him and then when haxorus comes out then him too

  4. How do you get garchomp

  5. Gharcomp is the reason why I play pokemon go because I hate to play any games

  6. Yes now I have lunatone

  7. Glaceon u will come to me

  8. I would not mind if they waited a couple of months with rayquaza.
    I'd much rather have it back when it gets a bit warmer outside

  9. I'm saying next raid is gonna be dialga

  10. Thank you for doing this type of video poke! I love how you shown the side by side stat comparisons so we can all see who's got what base stats and who's got that base stat type thing. Now imagine all those people who had evolved all those rhyperiors for heatran and used all their stardust for then!. Ttuthfully if mamoswine learns a two bar ground charged move it could make rhyperior now fourth best ground. Garchomp is ugly but it is a beast! It will definitely be a game changer! There could even be scenarios where garchomp could outshine groudon depending on a certain raid boss and the boss' moves just purely out of resistances and survivability. Garchomp and mamoswine are by far the most valuable pound for pound gen 4 pokemon. But let's hope they put gible in those 10k eggs so niantic can sell us some bad incubator heavy boxes and make some money off the players and we can get good odds at hatching 6 max worthy ived gibles! Haha

  11. Can't wait for the gigble line up going to be ace rack on it going to be a community day I predict 400 candys lol

  12. Garchomp has different type combination compared to Rayquaza or Dragonite. This means Garchomp takes hits differently and thus it is not competing with the exact same place as other big dragons.

  13. Garchomp is overrated. You have to burn it in the main series

  14. I hope you invest your rare candy.. then you will say is not worth it

  15. Garchomps Moves
    Dragon Tail 15 14dps
    Mud Shot 5 8dps
    Earthquake 120 33dps
    Fire Blast 140 33dps
    Outrage 110 28dps

  16. I dont understand why palkia is so horrible, its true that palkia dont have outrage, but in TDODPS, is third on the list.
    Good video anyway ?

  17. Add me from Australia
    7988 0251 8835

  18. I'm also saving my Rare Candy for Gible, wish they brought it out before Palkia though.

  19. I got a hundo palkia on the 3rd day after it was released

  20. garchmp pretty much has the same attack as dragonite but with way more bulk, it'll actually get off move charge attacks before it faints.

  21. 1735 8472 2710. I´m from Germany and need continuously some 7km eggs from the states and other countries. Add me 🙂

  22. Hope it comes out in 4* Raids.

    Really don't want to have to hatch it or look for it in the wild. I haven't even seen any of the new releases except for a single Glameow.

  23. Alolan marowak for the win yeeeeesh

  24. Garchomp with ground attacks will be good against dialga.

  25. I wanna rayquaza back because I missed it?

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