"HACKED LOBBY!" Call of Duty: Black Ops 2! – Search and Destroy Multiplayer Gameplay!

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Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Hacked Search and Destroy lobby!
This Game seemed normal at first but then we noticed something.
The fact we got nothing but hitmarkers instead of solid kills.
Pressing select to see who the hacker was but it just Flashed off.
From what I guess he is using…


  1. Hackers ruins everything

  2. hey u probably won't respond but just read. so this mite be a no but I just wanted to say its my friends b-day he is turning 19 and he never bin in a minded lobby I was hoping u would invite us in one and trole him little then we could just mess around and shit if u want full detail to think about it then respond to me and I will give u my email

  3. I want to play MP today but i don't know is it hacked like MW2 or MW3? i play on PC

  4. Hey my psn is sargentwoopass2 PS3 I need a mod menu well I want w

  5. now remeber hax are for people who cant play the game right

  6. your guys are girls because onli hack play the game litlengril

  7. Do u play on the PS3 if u do and u have Kik and u want to can u plzzzzzzzz do the hack for me

  8. no sirve este vídeo no enseña casi nada y casa 2ser. se pasaba unfiento pausa y se be mal

  9. no sirve este vídeo no enseña casi nada y casa 2ser. se pasaba unfiento pausa y se be mam

  10. no sirve este vídeo no enseña casi nada y casa 2ser. se pasaba unfiento pausa y se be mam

  11. All do with respect the people ur playing with are stupid they called moding hacking their is is huge difference and there was to much cussing for me so I disliked

  12. What The Fuck?!?!?!

  13. Hahahahaha best part… Only on PS3 ????

  14. What console was this on ?

  15. these guys arent even good

  16. fuck you little complaining bitches crying like babies fuck you.

  17. i played with hackers today on waw and was rank 4 now max prestige lol #5 minutes

  18. if anyone wants a modded black ops two account message my good friend that is legit on facebook at Liam Wilson

  19. Hackers in cod are 2 types fun lobby hackers and stupid hackers who suck so bad and play for themselves like these ones

  20. POUR tous ceux qui veulent  des lobby ajouter Philippedu25 sur skype fiable a 100%

  21. First Of all its not hacked it modded, Second Of all get off PS3 Its a piece of goddamn Fucking Shit GKYS!! The only reason you found this in 1 1/2 years of bo2 Being out can tell that PS3 is to easy to Jtag and shit like that, PS3 Has Got Hacked Plenty Of Times While Xbox Has Got hacked once for like 20 mins unlike PS3 Once for 6 Months, PS3 Is Trash Microsoft will always kick sonys ass

  22. I never met hackers like these . The ones I met were nice .

  23. I met a hacked game today. K9's were raining from the sky, and then our guns shot electricity and rays. A big missile was floating around the map as well.. and at one point all of us had riot shields glued to our entire bodies. Never saw anything like it before. Crazy!

  24. OMG hack lobby bruh? lol

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