1. I thought i would get Rick rolled

  2. This isn’t legal because it’s abusing a bug

  3. Even tho I'm against it, it is not illegal to hack…so and even if it was

  4. 3:53 Skydoesminecraft? Lol

  5. If you say it as legal then how's that a hack and it's more of a glitch

  6. https://youtu.be/b92B1rx8jjM?t=457 boi using macros, hes pushing up on recoil. why he gotta be douche

  7. When pubg mobile watches pubg pc

  8. Its not speed hack, its BHOP

  9. Why they laugh at the death ?? I don't think something funny there

  10. But you only showed the speed thing once. And the rest were just in game glitches I feel clickbaited as I watched an 18 min video hoping to really see how this works

  11. He could just get in the car

  12. I am proud of our vehicle physics

  13. 2
    IS HERE!!! 😀

  14. Just get on the car lmao

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  16. 4:23~ He is japanese big gamer

  17. What a fucking game! Bluehole!

  18. So that was why i found one guy with this about last year

  19. Pa que vean los de free fire que no solo hay hackers en ese juego :v

  20. well that's a good way to start a new year

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